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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
Hi Tarpi,
I moved your post to the Help & Support section subject thread about the trading warehouse as this has nothing to do with the current release.

First thing is you are not selling the items in the Buy Regular Products tab of your Trading Warehouse. You are offering to buy those items at the price you set. The trading limits are set by the game depending on how many you have of the item on your farms.

You can find all the information on the Trading Warehouse and the Buy Regular Products tab in the Game Guide Chapter 10 in the following link:
Hi Taz
i know how all works...i told that till now i can offer 4.9 crabs and now only 2.3k and i not tell that i sell crabs but i sale some other fish to other player and for reward i got double amount of crab ..til now was 9.6k now only 4.k.
i know how trade limits works. i hope you now undestand what i mean ,
i know everithing about this game hehe

started April 16, 2009.
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