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Originally Posted by WingmanFarm View Post
I don't have a specific problem but any player I asked could not give me an answer.

When you harvest your ponds yourself is your bait used?
When you are hired to harvest other players fish ponds is your bait or is the other players bait used ?
Is one fish factory enough when you have huge fish farms? I see some with the whole farm covered with ponds or sea coasts and they do not even have a fish factory.

No one seems to have any idea about the bait.
Hi WingmanFarm,

When you fish your own farms or hire someone to fish your farms your bait is used.
When you are hired to fish someone else's farms their bait is used.

If you mean fish farming plant, no one would not be enough. Those that have farms like that will be doing it for the amount of coins they can earn by selling the excess fish. They are a good coin earner for both owner and those who are hired to work them. If you would like to ask others opinions on theses types of farms, please do so in the social section of the forum, where discussions are welcome.
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