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Originally Posted by Sandie May Angel View Post
Oh, I see!!! But somewhere I have read that the bonus fuel we click on don't go directly to the Refill station, they go to our storage, which in no way, that we can use them to refill our Fuel station, but only to upload to our Oil Refinery which only gives out 17 units every 6 hours (only 68 units daily), so the numbers are very low for daily processing; or we can choose to sell them directly from our storage to the marketplace. What are we supposed to do to refill the fuel tank? Where do we supposed to get or how are we supposed to refill our station to replace what we have uploaded to our farms?
Hi Sandie May Angel,
Any fuel tanks you get from bonuses do go to your storage. So do the fuel tanks you produce and store from your oil refineries. When you go to refuel then it counts all the ones in storage (not still in your refinery) and any you have in your gift box and uses all of those to refuel if you complete the refuel.

You will make more than 68 fuel tanks per day, because your neighbors work that facility and produce the fuel tanks faster. You can have a complete 15 days worth of production in your refinery and it will be nearly empty of pending production when between 8 - 10 neighbors work that facility. If you do not have your neighbors working your facility then it will only produce 68 fuel tanks. Remember also that each fuel tank gives you 300 fuel when you refuel.
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