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Arrow Missing Facebook Friends List Bookmark

We are aware that some of you like to use Facebook Friends List to filter your News Feed to those of you friends that play Farm Town.

Issue November 2019: The Facebook link to Friends List is missing at this time, we don't think that they meant to remove it as their instructions for creating a friends list still directs you to it. This is not something Slashkey have any control over, if you wish to report it, please report it to Facebook.

In the meantime you can do the following to get to your Friends lists:

Click on this link Facebook Friends Lists. That will then take you to all your lists. You can then bookmark that in your browser so you can use it again. If you want a bookmark to a specific list, click that link, then click on the friends list you want to use and bookmark that.

For those of you that do not already know how to create a list or why you would want to use one, please see Chapter 13 of the Game Guide Creating a Facebook Friends List for Farm Town

UPDATE 4th December 2019 - Looks like Facebook have got around to fixing this and the Friends Lists are back in the left pane of Facebook New Feed

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