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Default What is the Mixer?

Q: What is the Mixer?

A: This tool allows you to Start All productions for a product with one click on any of the following Mixing Facilities:

  • Artisan Cheese Factory
  • Artisan Soap Factory
  • Beach Bar
  • Bread Factory
  • Butter Factory
  • Cargo Port Supplies Factory
  • Ceramic Factory
  • Construction Materials Factory
  • Cracker Factory
  • Dairy Processing Plant
  • Essential Oils Plant
  • Electronic Components Factory
  • Fireworks Factory
  • Flavored Coffee Factory
  • Fodder Factory
  • Food Ingredients Factory
  • Glass Factory
  • Honey Derivatives Factory
  • Ice Cream Factory
  • Ink Factory
  • Marina Supplies Factory
  • Metal Mill
  • Nutritional Supplies Factory
  • Painting Supplies Factory
  • Pool Bar
  • Rubber Factory
  • Sign Factory
  • Transport Supplies Factory
  • Tropical Shakes Stand
  • Turbo Dairy Processing Plant
  • Turbo Ink and Pigments Factory
  • Turbo Metal Mill
  • Turbo Rubber Factory

Q. What is the Turbo mixer?

This tool will allow you to use the Start All button at the top of the Facility Manger to start products from ALL the above facilites on ALL of your farms. This tool uses Fuel.

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