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Originally Posted by SeaJay View Post
I'm trying to figure out how the 3, 2, 1 percentage works. I'm trying to test theories with no luck.
The first 4 to boost a train get 3 percent, the next 4 get 2 and the last 4 get 1?
Or, the first time you boost a train it's 3 percent, then the next time you boost the same train it's 2 percent.........etc?
Is there in answer to this? Neither one of my tests yielded an answer.
Hi SeaJay,
We don't have an answer for you. How would you know if you were first or what number you were. I think it is a random the amount you get. Just like the belt/dan bonuses for crops, trees, flowers or bonus batches, you get up to the percentage from the particular belt/dan you are at. You don't get exactly the maximum percentage every time.
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