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Originally Posted by Taz D View Post
Hi SeaJay,
We don't have an answer for you. How would you know if you were first or what number you were. I think it is a random the amount you get. Just like the belt/dan bonuses for crops, trees, flowers or bonus batches, you get up to the percentage from the particular belt/dan you are at. You don't get exactly the maximum percentage every time.

Oh! I didn't even know that about belts/dans. I've never really paid attention to the numbers before. I'm starting to now just as another avenue of game play. And also I'm always out of turkey feathers, so I started taking a closer look.
trying to get my 7th dan for all the products that use turkey feathers so I can shut those things off
Thanks Taz.

And by the way, maybe it's time that we do start knowing how many boosts we have left. A visual of who you sent them to and who has and hasn't responded


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