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Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
Hi, to all those that can't send gifts, work facilities etc....

Could you tell us how many facebook friends you all have and how many of those friends have farmtown installed? it's possible that it maybe related to this. We are trying to find out if there is some connection between having ALOT of friends, and this issue.

I have 1,053 Facebook friends. I think I have somewhere between 150 and 200 friends who play Farm Town. Out of those, I don't know how many are actually my neighbors, if that matters.

I still can't send out gifts. Everything else is still working fine on my computer. As I said before, I did all the usual tricks, such as clearing cache & memcache, closing browser & re-booting computer. None of this has worked.

I have a super-fast computer, and it's still relatively new, and I know there are no problems with it. A few of my FT friends have also have said they cannot send out gifts, so I know this is not a problem with my computer but, rather a FT or FB issue.

I hope this will get cleared up quickly.

Thank you.

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