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Originally Posted by SageRene View Post
Ever since I upgraded to the newer version of windows 10 as recommended, flash player won't work unless I allow it every time I first log on. any suggestions ? Is this a possible facebook problem?
Hi SageRene,

When you have more than one issue about different items please make a separate post for them as we need to move the posts to appropriate threads if they are not posted in the correct one. I have split your post into 2 to be able to answer your questions in the correct threads.

Although you do not say what browser you are using, it does sound like you might be using Edge browser as the latest windows update did make changes to what that browser will do now. One of those changes made to that browser is that it is no longer allowing flash to run every time for any specific site. You can now only allow it for the session. Each time you close Farm Town and reopen, or open a new tab to the game you will have to allow flash to run.

Edge also has other issues when you have a lot of friends that play the game. You can read the information we have about problem browsers in the following link

Click on the following link to be taken to your question about the daily lottery
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