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I was pottering around the farm today when I noticed that I have over 106k seawater bait...and only 865 freshwater bait. I just don't see how this is possible.

I own the fish farming plant and reload it every two or three days. I just looked and both fresh and seawater baits are checked. I have the fishing tackle shop but as it was eating all my bait I unchecked both fresh and seawater baits there a while ago. I just looked and both are still unchecked.

I have a few rivers and a few sea coasts on the farm. I certainly don't have a hundred or so times as many rivers as coasts, as I'd need to use up the freshwater bait so out of proportion to the seawater.

I reloaded the game and cleared the memcache but still it's showing only 865 freshwater bait. What has happened here? I'm honestly perplexed. Lately I've been converting my gifts to animals so it's not that I've been filling storage with seawater bait gifts.
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