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Default How do i change my ships itinerary?

How do i change my ships itinerary?

This can ONLY be done during the preparation phase!
You may change up to 10 ports in your ships itinerary and you can change the order of the ports that your ship will visit.

Click on your ship and "Show Ship Details"
Once you have started preparing a container you can then click on the Ships Logbook to see the itinerary.

You will see something like this >>
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To change the order of the ports, click on the hand icon, in the box of the port you want to move, and drag the box into the new position.

To replace a port, click on the blue "Replace" button. You can change up to 10 ports. The number on the Replace button tells you how many ports are left that you can change. The example above shows 4 more ports can be changed.
You will then see a new window like this >>

This window will show you a list of your neighbours along with their profile picture that you can use. Hover your mouse over the port you wish to choose to swap the current port with and the box will turn yellow. Click on the box and the port will be swapped and you will be taken back to the first picture.

If you click the blue "Cancel" button top right of the box, you will be taken back to the first picture.

This is located top right of the window. If you have already prepared a ship before, this will allow you to reuse the last itinerary you had. This option only works when you have at least 1 ship currently dispatched that has not been unloaded yet.

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