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Old Aug 16 2020, 05:37 PM
texans texans is offline
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Default Increase Storage Capacity

Due to new factories, more trees, crops and updates coming the storage has to be increased. Maybe allow us to purchase more clothes, get more neighbors, get more levels and expand our tools of storage so we can purchase more if we need. Not all players need to do this, but for those that do buying more or upgrading will sure help. Thank you.
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Old Aug 17 2020, 01:11 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
Join Date: May 12 2016
Posts: 380

when i sell products like my cash fish/crops/tree products/flowers to my farming neighbors can we PLEASE have a FREE option, i have trillions of coins and nothing to do with them and i hate having to charge them even 10% below cost .. i would prefer to give to them free ... then maybe i can get rid of even more of my overstock to those who need it
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Old Aug 27 2020, 11:40 AM
Tiger's Avatar
Tiger Tiger is offline
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Additional filters in Storage for facilities please.

Production/regular coin
Production/regular FC
Services coin
Services FC
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Old Sep 04 2020, 06:46 AM
Plynn's Avatar
Plynn Plynn is offline
Join Date: Aug 26 2009
Location: Florida
Posts: 34

In the STORE, could you please move the choice of Services or Regular Facilities to the A-Z list. This way, it would reduce the other list in the 'funnel' and be much easier to find what we need. PLEASE!!!!
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Old Oct 07 2020, 09:42 AM
Zeeky Banutski's Avatar
Zeeky Banutski Zeeky Banutski is offline
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For the "S", "BF", "SF", "TO" & "M" circles in the "market" - how about colorizing them in the same manner that our avatar's name changes color when we select one (or more) of these options so that we can easily identify what each farmer is there to do??? Hovering over them does no good...
Visit 's Farm

DB:W20, MPS:C20
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Old Jan 06 2021, 11:20 AM
Gail Green-jeans Gail Green-jeans is offline
Join Date: May 25 2009
Posts: 35

When selling product in marketplace to Tom, would like to have the sort option to sell all products not needed for over 15 day fill, 30 day fill, 2 year fill, etc. Having the ability to sort by value ($$) is great, but it is impossible to know which to sell by that metric if I only want to keep a certain number of days production in my storage.
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Old Jun 12 2021, 05:48 AM
PapaDoe PapaDoe is offline
Join Date: Aug 15 2014
Posts: 24

Are we going to get the "Products I don't need" option in the harvest sell ??? Sure would be nice..
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Old Jul 26 2021, 06:36 AM
rposer@googlemail.com rposer@googlemail.com is offline
Join Date: Aug 16 2009
Posts: 99
Default tree and flower issue

When I try to reorganize my trees and flowers on my farms I need to put them in the storage first, click on the next farm, where I want to place them. There are 2 things pretty annoying:
- I need more storage when I put all trees in the storage to either make place on the farm I play at the moment or for moving them on the other farm (so solution would be, you simply make another update to increase storage again, which means you aern FC or you reduce the amount of storage capacity needed for storing trees)
- I need an option to "fill up" the missing number of such kind of trees and flowers from the store that are missing in order to complete the the chosen pattern size (for example: I have 201 trees, want to plant them in the pattern 16x16 (256 trees), why isn`t there an option which asks me if I want to buy the missing gap of 55 trees directly from the store (without going to the store to buy them)?
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Old Sep 11 2021, 12:54 PM
docmm6 docmm6 is offline
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Location: IL
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I went into My Storage and set it for seasonal. Every time you take 1 piece out it closes and reverts back to the beginning. Is really a pain. At 1 time all you had to do was reopen and it would be where you left off. Makes it so much easier that way than having to keep scrolling to get back to where you were.
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Old Sep 30 2021, 08:50 AM
rposer@googlemail.com rposer@googlemail.com is offline
Join Date: Aug 16 2009
Posts: 99
Default Storage

Beside the fact that you urgently should at least add additional 3 add-ons on the FC storage capacity improvment tool (desperately needed a space of at least 4 times of capacity), the storage size should give us a bonus when it comes to trains, ships and the trucks: the bigger the size of the storage, the more extra bonus (major) products you get. That helps to link storage and these FC-items which makes people more likely to buy maximum capacity and FC items.
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