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Old May 12 2023, 08:43 AM
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Arrow NEW - Neighbour/Buddy Requests

Neighbour/Buddy Requests!

Farm Town no longer requires you to be Facebook friends before you can send a Neighbour or Buddy Request!

Please read this entire post before posting!
You can post a Neighbour or Buddy Request here!

For Instructions on how to get your Farm Link: CLICK HERE

You can make a request for Neighbours/Buddies without being Facebook Friends.

OR you can still request to be Facebook Friends first before sending in game Neighbour/Buddy Requests.
If you wish to be Facebook friends first you will need:
  • A link to your Facebook profile

    To get this go to your Facebook profile page, look in the browser address bar that the top left of your browser window, you will see one of these. You may have the top version that would show your own Facebook username or you may have the one below which shows your FB user number. Make a note of the version you see to use it in your post here.

  • Your Facebook Setting for How people can find and contact you must be set to Public for you to be able to be sent a Facebook Friend request.

  • If you are also asking to be sent a Facebook message when a Facebook friend request is sent, make sure that in your How you get message requests you have checked that NONE of the options are set to "Don't Receive Requests" or you will not be able to receive messages from that that are not FB friends yet.

    If you do not wish to be Facebook friends, you do not need to provide your Facebook profile link.

    When posting in this thread please refrain from:

  • posting more than one request in this thread. You can edit your existing post to change information or delete the post and post a new request.
  • posting requests for your friends. They need to do this themselves!
  • reply to any posts you see here. Instead, please send them a Private Message on the forum OR visit their farms and leave an in game message.

NEVER include your Login details (email/password) for the Website or your Facebook account in your post.

ALWAYS supply your farm link in your post here! This will allow farmers to visit your farms, send you a Neighbour/Buddy Request or an in game Message which you can then use to visit a farmer to send your own Neighbour/Buddy Request.

Also listing some information can help both you and those wanting to add you to know when you are likely to play for things like trading, sending you train boosts, where to place you in ships logbooks etc:
  • when you are likely to play Farm Town (all day, before/after work, mornings/afternoons/evenings).
  • what country you are located due to time zones,(US/UK/Australia)
  • if your port is open or closed and if you check often for ships at your port
  • features you do or do not participate in, NCC, Co-operative Quests/Farm Pass/Facility Chains/Trading etc.
  • If you prefer to be Facebook friends before becoming a Neighbour/Buddy.

Examples of what you could include in your post along with your farm link:
Hi farmers,

I'm looking for Neighbours.

I am a US daily player that plays several times a day. I send gifts several times a day. I have 44 farms and I like to participate in all the features of the game. I am looking for neighbours who like to do the same.

I would like to be Facebook Friends before becoming Neighbours, here is my Facebook profile link:

This is my Farm link:

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for Neighbours and Buddies. I will be sending a Neighbour/Buddy Request in game to some of the members posting in this thread, please check for my request in your Farmers Lists.

I am a daily player that plays before and after work EST time. I have 24 farms, my port is open unless I am on vacation. I like to send and receive ships and trains. I like to participate in the quests and Farm Pass. I send gifts twice a day. I am looking for neighbours who like to do the same.

I do not need any more Facebook Friends.

This is my Farm link if you wish to send me a Request:


How to use a farm link and Send A Neighbour/Buddy Request!

Make sure that you are logged into the website before you click on any farm links!

Each forum member will have posted a farm link in their post.

When the link starts with https://apps.slashkey.com at the front of the link. That is a farm link. To use that link you will need to be logged into the Website in order to be able to go to their farms.
If you are not logged into the website then you will see the login page instead of their farms.

  • Click on the farm link in a post and you will load their farm.

  • When you arrive you can do two things:

    1. click on the notepad to send a message to let the farmer know you are sending a request.

    2. click on the Visitor Toolbox bottom left of the game screen so it opens, to be able to send a Neighbour or Buddy Request.

      Both of these not dimmed means you do not have them as a Neighbour or Buddy.
      Click in the blue one to Send a Neighbour Request.
      Click on the green one to send a Buddy Request.

      Means they are one of your Neighbours, and not on your Buddy List.

      Means they are on your Buddy List and are not one of your Neighbours.


Things to consider when adding new farmers as a Neighbour OR a Buddy:
  • Neighbours can only help you with some features in game where Buddies can not like ships logbooks.
  • Neighbours and Buddies can NOT earn the bonus chest.
  • You may not be Facebook friends.

  • Farm Town is no longer on Facebook. When you make changes to your Facebook friends, your Facebook name or profile pictures, that data will no longer automatically update those changes on the Website.

    You can if you wish, manually update your first name and website profile picture to match what you are using on Facebook via the Account tab, profile section.

    There will be some farmers that have created a new account or don't have a Facebook account to be able to update a Facebook profile picture to use on the Website.

Please do remember:
  • to check for messages in game or on the forum. Not doing so, can cause frustration for both farmers when trying to help someone with neighbour/buddy connections that doesn't check for those messages.

  • when you no longer need more Neighbours or Buddies to use the button, and then click on "Delete" to remove your post.

    These help prevent many duplicate posts, similar posts by the same farmer and old posts from showing up so it's easier to see all the different farmers for the type of player you are looking for.

Requests are deleted when they are 2 months old.
Any post that does not comply with any of the above information will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the forum moderators.

If your post has been deleted due to age or fulfillment, you may, of course, repost a new neighbour request.

Happy farming to everyone!!

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Old Apr 09 2024, 10:26 AM
PurtsyPie PurtsyPie is offline
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Join Date: Apr 09 2024
Posts: 1

I am looking for neighbors so I can get more farms. I play every day. Thank you!

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Old Apr 21 2024, 12:21 PM
nascaholic nascaholic is offline
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Join Date: Oct 31 2014
Posts: 4

I am a daily player looking for neighbors who play and help with co-op quests

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Old Apr 30 2024, 05:30 AM
Christy1964 Christy1964 is offline
Join Date: Apr 21 2010
Posts: 7

Hello Farm Friends,
I'm looking to add some new neighbors, had several quit the game or moved on. Been playing since 2009 - daily player, highest level, I do facilities, co-ops and trains.
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Old May 05 2024, 10:09 AM
LDL1967 LDL1967 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 11 2024
Posts: 1

Looking for buddies/neighbors. If I reach my neighbor limit, we can be buddies. I work facilities fairly often and play daily.

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Old May 12 2024, 02:47 PM
Dr. Dirt Dr. Dirt is offline
Join Date: Jul 31 2009
Location: Savannah, Ga.
Posts: 228

Looking for neighbors that work facilities. I will work yours also.

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Old May 26 2024, 10:42 AM
DaveL63 DaveL63 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 11 2024
Posts: 1

Hi, I am looking for more neighbors.

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Old May 26 2024, 04:24 PM
Goldenserenity Goldenserenity is offline
Join Date: Mar 26 2009
Posts: 16

I could sure use some neighbors and/or Buddies. I play as often as I can during the day, so I'm on my farm multiple times a day.

My farm ID is here https://apps.slashkey.com/farmtown/p..._id=1362947617

Thank you!!
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Old May 27 2024, 10:31 AM
missyroo missyroo is offline
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Join Date: Apr 12 2024
Posts: 1

Hi, I need more neighbors

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Old May 28 2024, 06:34 AM
iceberg iceberg is offline
Join Date: Apr 14 2012
Location: Ireland
Posts: 78

I am a daily player I would like a neighbour who will send a daily gift and a train to load message me tks.
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