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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:20 PM
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Default Game Migration Updates

Game Migration Updates: Latest update released on April 9th, 9:10PM

En Español AQUI

Details about the migration prior to 27th March are in the following thread:

Post Release Updates - March 27th, 11:00PM
  • Maps button is now enabled with access to marketplaces, inn and realtor store
  • Click on the 'Go to Market to Sell' button in the Storage screen now takes you to the Trade Marketplace
  • Design Farm Together option in avatar menu is now enabled
  • Join User / Ask User to Join You options in neighbour bar menu are now enabled
  • Added 'Show User Info' button in Show Names screen
  • Added tooltip info to farm selector with farm names, sizes and irrigator/fertilization indicators (I,F)
  • When working friends facilities, the game will not go online (connect to the mainframe) by default, only when you are done and return to your farm or go to public areas like markets
  • Mouseover the XP bar at the top will show a tooltip with how many points are required to reach the next level

  • Bugfix: Incorrect amount of products going to storage after harvesting, requiring a reload of the game. This bug was also present in the flash version of the game.
  • Bugfix: Could not copy and paste information from the ingredient planner and the FT console
  • Bugfix: Show Names button in farm selector missing for users with 8 farms or less

  • Released all expansions for Farm 43

Post Release Updates - March 28th, 2:00AM
  • Bugfix: Significant slowdowns when fishing for super neighbours and strangers
  • Bugfix: Slowdowns when employer and employee were working at the same time on the same farm
  • Bugfix: Some players could not see their avatars
  • Bugfix: Incorrect avatar skin colors
  • Bugfix: Different avatar clothes when facing back and forward

    Note: There are still issues with some of the clothing and head features of avatars

Post Release Updates - March 28th, 6:00PM
  • Bugfix: Errors in marketplaces when the amount of players reached a certain number

Post Release Updates - March 30th, 6:20PM
  • Released static versions of all the flags, until we have time to create the animated versions
  • Bugfix: Restored the missing Watermill and Winter Black Fence

Post Release Updates - April 3rd, 2:30AM
  • Avatar Configurator: Click on your avatar and select the 'Change Appearance' option to change your avatar look

  • Bugfix: Multiple issues with avatar clothing and face features
  • Bugfix: Incorrect avatar label placement when going to fullscreen and back
  • Bugfix: Multiple issues when designing for a Super Neighbour, like losing changes after a reload of the game
  • Bugfix: Players were able to harvest and plant even when crops were hidden in the preferences screen
  • Bugfix: When loading a farm with some categories hidden, after enabling those categories, the highlight was innacurate
  • Bugfix: Incorrect colors for x64 and x96 chainsaw icons in toolbox
  • Bugfix: For users in lower levels, when fishing with the fishing pole or smaller boats, the fish and bait counter now updates on every click

Post Release Updates - April 9th, 9:10PM
  • Enabled Trains: You can now manage single trains by clicking on them in the farm and selecting the 'Show Train Details' option
  • Enabled Train Manager: Manage all your trains from a single place. You can also manage your neighbours trains if you have their permission to do so.
  • Enabled 'Trains' category in the store
  • All players that started playing Farmtown with the Unity/WebGL version had missing sex and avatar configuration. The next time they load the game, they will see a new setup screen where they can enter their avatar name, sex and reconfigure their avatar look and feel.
  • Added the 'Consuming Specific Ingredient' filter to the Facility Manager

Moderator Additional Notes:
The developers have asked us to split all the most recent posts into several threads in order for them to be able to find particular issues by category easier, which will help them considerably.

Please bear with us as this does mean that your posts may no longer be where you originally posted.

If you're not familiar with how to find your posts on the forum and you want to find your post, then you will need to click on this link for the instructions. It's worth while you doing this as you will find it much easier not only now but in the future should you require help with the game:


Trains are available. You should be able to:
  • unload, dispatch, boost trains, buy trains and car, move working trains when they are unloaded to clear areas on the same farm or clear areas on a different farm, use the Train Manager. Super Neighbour Train Management is enabled.

    Those of you that would like a reminder about how to use the trains, qualify for the mayor bonus, alter or move them, how a super neighbour can help you with trains please click this link: http://r1.slashkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=492298

  • Remember ONLY working trains with FC long cars attached to them will show up in the Train Manager.

  • Show Times is still NOT available to use yet to locate your other trains on farms that could be used to carry products but don't have long cars attached to them. You will have to go farm to farm to find them, if you can't remember where you put them.

Online and Offline ability are back You need to be online in the game to be able to hire and interreact with farmers.
When working facilities for your friends - You will now be automatically taken offline! You will no longer see the disconnect popups while working those.
When you have completed all the facility work and go back to your farm or go to another farmers farm, you will automatically go back online.
Idle popup When you are online in the game and not doing anything on your farms for 10 minutes the disconnect pop up will show and take you offline.

Avatars are visible.
  • All players that started playing Farmtown with the Unity/WebGL version had missing sex and avatar configuration The next time they load the game, they will see a new setup screen where they can enter their avatar name, sex and reconfigure their avatar.

  • Everyone should now be able to edit their avatar. Remember that some clothes cost Farm Cash to buy! If you don't own clothes that you are changing to you will see a warning popup telling you what you are buying and what it will cost. When you already own an FC cloth the BUY button still shows but you will not be charged to buy them again.
  • If you can not to click on an avatar, move to another spot, then try!
  • Your avatar does not walk as you click on a CLEAR spot on your farm, it will teleport to that spot.
  • If you are online in the game other farmers will be able to see your avatar and access the avatar menu by clicking on your avatar. You must be online to see and interact with another farmer.
    If you have a considerable amount of items on your farm and are going to meet up with them, they may not land in the center of a farm when they arrive, they can appear over to one of the far edges of a farm.
  • Add to Buddy List is back.
  • You can NOT view co-operative quests, buy/sell/trade with another farmer until those features are added back to the game.

Fuel Usage temporarily suspended - The Fuel counter will still look like it's using fuel, but it will correct to the original amount again. You can now use the Map to refuel.

Map is available to use! Realtor Office, Hiring from Markets, Inn, Fuel Station, The Bank are available to use:
  • Land Upgrades - Remember, you need to go from the farm you want to upgrade to the Realtors to see the correct upgrades for that farm.
    All the upgrades for Farm 43 have been released - please remember to keep an eye on how many coins you have if you intend to buy them all at once!! You will need to have enough coins to for plowing, seeding, facilities that use coins to order or produce something!

  • Using the "Go to Market to Sell' button in the Storage screen now takes you to the Trade Marketplace.

  • Please remember to try to use the markets as intended.
    • Job Market for hiring and to be hired.
    • Trade Market - For selling what's in storage. If that's all you want to do, go the Trade Market instead of the Job Market.
    • Avatar Status colours and changing your Avatar message are back. Please use them so other farmers know what you are there to do.
    • Where features are not added back yet, like buying/selling/trading with another farmer, when you try to change your avatar status to one of those you will see "Coming Soon"

Using Copy/Cut/Paste in the game. WebGL provides very limited support for copy and paste so we had to implement it from scratch. If the mouse method of highlighting what you want to Copy/Paste/Cut and the menu options using right click do not work at some point, you can try highlighting just the word(s) you want to copy/cut or paste then try using keyboard shortcuts instead:
Windows Users:
CTRL+C (Copy)
CTRL+X (Cut)
CTRL+V (Paste)

Mac Users please try these if you need to:
Command (or Cmd) ⌘-C (Copy)
Command (or Cmd) ⌘-X (Cut)
Command (or Cmd) ⌘-V (Paste)

Remember the game is designed for playing on computers and laptops so if you are using a tablet or mobile to play you may not be able to access the keyboard to use these keyboard shortcuts.

Any feature grayed out in your toolbox is not available to use yet. The majority of the items in the 3 columns on the left of your tool box are grayed out as they are not available for use yet.
  • Tools If a tool is greyed out in the toolbox and you own it, it's not available to use yet.
    Make sure that the tools you own are in your Item storage to be able to see them in the toolbox!

  • The following tools Are Not Available for use yet:
    Herding Robot, Add Animal to Building tool, Hide Item tool

  • These Icons in the toolbox are greyed out as they are not available for use yet:
    Farm Selector Manager, Farm Stats, Show Times, Mini Games, Trophies, Belt Manager, Camera, Seaport Manager, Trading Warehouse, Super Facility, Facility Chains Manager.

  • Shortcuts for tools - You can now edit your shortcuts for tools and change them to the tools that are currently available to use.

No animation in the game yet.
  • Avatars are animated but do not walk, they will teleport from one spot to another as you click on a clear spot on your farm.
  • You can't see animated animals or put them on your farms yet.
  • Farm Cash flags - Static versions of these are added back to the game. If you already have them out on your farms, you should now be able to see them. You will not be able to take them out of storage or buy them from the store at the moment.
  • Animated decorations are also static versions, not animated!
  • Gift animals that produce products: If you don't have enough space in the animal buildings on your farm, you can not place them on the farm to see them so that you can send them to Item storage yet. Your only option if you can't place them into buildings is to sell them. Remember regular sheds can have 250 of each type of animal that goes in that shed, super sheds hold 500.

Neighbours and Buddies
  • You can visit/hire/water flowers.
  • Neighbours profile pictures show in the neighbours bar NOT the avatar pictures yet. First names will show when you mouseover a neighbours profile picture.
  • Green/Purple/Red dots in the neighbours bar are added. Not the Blue or Beige ones for co-operative quests and trading.
  • Join User is available to use - you both need to be online
  • Design This Farm Together is available to use - you both need to be online.

Super Neighbours:
  • SN farming work and designing can be done.
  • SN Train Management is enabled.
  • Super Neighbour Manager is enabled, allows you to change what crop to plant per farm.
  • Red and Purple dots to show things who is your SN, design permissions for a specific farm, who has set you as their SN are back.

Messaging System and Chat box at the bottom of the game are working

Harvest Storage Capacity ONLY Has been Increased capacity by 12%

Gift box Do not accept gift animals that give you products unless you know you have room in your animal buildings for them. You won't be able to put them on a farm to see or store them until those are added back to the game. You're only option at this time to remove them from the gift box would be to sell them.

  • NOTE: Show Coins and XP Animations is disabled.
  • Transparent Dispatched Train - all trains are visible, likely to be added when the Trains are added back.

  • NEW OPTION in game Preferences called Compressed Graphics -
    With this option enabled, (check mark added) farms use less memory and load up to 20% faster.
    Those that have problems with slower loading or low on memory should leave the check mark added for this option. Those without these issues can remove the check mark.

Farm Name: All options for changing farm name and per farm options are available to use.

Facilities and Facility Manager
  • Facility Manager is available to use and it's Ingredient Planner. 'Consuming Specific Ingredient' filter has been added back.

  • Watermills - The OLD version of the watermill shows up under the Buildings in preferences NOT with regular Facilities category. This is the same behavior for as it was in the flash version. The newer watermills still show up under Regulars Facilities.

  • Posting/working friends facilities enabled.

Farm Cash - FC balance is showing in the Store. You can NOT send Farm Cash or Farm Cash Items to a neighbor or buddy yet.

You can use a farm link to visit other farmers farms.

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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:34 PM
JNelson JNelson is offline
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clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:37 PM
TerriFlynn TerriFlynn is offline
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Thank you for the update, Raul. Merry Christmas to you and your team! Stay safe and well.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:42 PM
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Thanks for all your hard work. STAY SAFE and farm on.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:44 PM
redjade27 redjade27 is offline
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Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the new version.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:45 PM
Walkies Walkies is offline
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thanks for all your long hours of hard work, just so we can sit back and enjoy the game!! Wow!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
clarify - does this mean we will be able to plant and harvest etc... but will not be able to fill/work facilities?

will bonuses be postable?

will we be able to fish?

will we be able to sell in the marketplace?
Hi JNelson

You will be able to harvest/plow/plant crops, harvest/chop trees, harvest flowers and fishing.

As Raul stated full facility functionality will come in a few weeks.
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:06 PM
enelyaa enelyaa is offline
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Thanks for your efforts and hard work. These are Highly appreciated!
Stay safe and happy holidays!
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:23 PM
Dan H Dan H is offline
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Thank you for the update, Raul.

It's not always an easy process migrating from one software to another, I know what you are going through. But, in time, all will be complete and back to normal. You and your team's dedication and hard work is very much appreciated.

Take time to spend with family and friends during this holiday season - Here's wishing you and the team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dan H
Farming since April 19, 2009
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Old Dec 23 2020, 03:27 PM
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Smile Update

thank you to all people working on keeping FT going and the updates to us long time players
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