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Old Jan 21 2010, 05:49 PM
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Arrow Farm Town Data Sheets

Welcome to your resource for Farm Town Data Sheets

Several of our members have worked up data sheets for use in calculating the value of crops etc. For your convenience we will post a list of them here for you. Please note that none of these are a true Official Data Sheet, in that none of them were created, nor are they maintained by Slashkey. They are as accurate as the individual creators can make them with the information they have. Even the data sheet that holds the title of Official Farm Town Data Sheet is not official in the strictest sense of the word. It was given that title due to the fact the original creator was a moderator on this forum at the time it was created.

There is no guarantee that all links will be safe and secure, and you use these links AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Neither the forum moderators nor developers of Farm Town can be held responsible for any malware or viruses downloaded as a result of using these sites.
It is your responsibility to scan for malware and to ensure your antivirus protection is up to to date.

How do I get my data sheet listed here?

Post a link to your data sheet in this thread.

When your link has been verified and approved your link will show up in this thread.

If you would like information on how to use your data sheet included in this thread please include that information in your original post.

Links to data sheets that are not stand alone data sheets, but are part of a website will take longer to be approved.

What if I have questions about how a data sheet works?

Questions and opinions regarding the data sheets in this thread can be communicated to the creator of the data sheet via private message. All posts that are not a data sheet with information regarding that data sheet may be removed with out notice to the poster.

How do I get the information I need for my data sheet when new levels and items come out?

Requests to the developers for information for your data sheets may be posted here to be passed on to the developers. Again their response is at their convenience so we make no guarantees as to the length of time it may take to get the information for you, but we will pass along your request and post the response here in this thread so that it is available to anyone working on a data sheet.

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Old Sep 21 2011, 08:34 AM
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Damichoop's Data Sheet

Lavenda's Data Sheet

Sig's Data Sheet
Product needed for facilities at max, w/ each ingredient and where it's used

Angeljinx13's Data Sheet
Shows units of each product needed to bring facilities to 15-day max

Please note that the maintenance of the Data Sheets and links listed here are the responsibility of the creators of those and not the responsibility of the moderators or the Farm Town developers. There is nothing that the moderators can do to help with broken links or out of date data sheets. You may contact the creators of these sheets and links by private message.

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Old Jan 12 2012, 03:04 PM
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Hoping that the file is uploaded correctly and in the correct format.

Many regards


**NB: Clicking the link starts immediate download of the file.**
Attached Files
File Type: zip Farm town facilities costs.zip (12.9 KB, 158 views)
Link to Bella's farms

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Old Feb 26 2013, 09:32 PM
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What a wonderful surprise! Thanks Molly!!
Here is the link to my request to be added to this forum:


*UPDATED* information is current with the 22 March release.

This is a spreadsheet made in excel 2013. There are NO macros in this spreadsheet.

The link will take you to Google documents - to be used, this document must be downloaded and opened in Microsoft Excel.

When I use Firefox, There is an arrow under the word "File" in the top left of the screen (Under "SOD FARMER FARM TOWN..."). That is where/how you download the document to your desktop.
When I use Internet Explorer, there is an option on the bottom right of the screen to download.

Once downloaded, open using Microsoft Excel and begin.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions - I will respond as quickly as I am able.

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Old Mar 09 2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by kitt1962 View Post
Is this data sheet going to be updated, it shows that it hasn't been updated since 2011?

The only one I use right now is Damichoop's Data Sheet, that is a very good data sheet it is always up to date. It would be nice if it had broken down which facility and how much is used in that facility instead of just the total, but that would have been a lot more work and made the data sheet much bigger, but the way it is will work good. Thanks for your sheet.

Kit, this is David, the Damichcoop of the data sheet.....on the one that is posted here, if you go the info tab and under #4, there is a link to another data sheet, that is the production one, which breaks down each facility into coin or cash, and each service facility, then is shows production sales breakdown for each cash and coin (Basically the profit you make from each item), the tools and gifts breakdown, and the amount of each item by category you need to mak out your facilities bases on having only 1 of each facility. Hope that helps.
The Official Farm Town Data Sheet for the Farm Town Game can be found here

The Official Farm Town Data Sheet for the Farm Town Game - Production Information can be found here

If you find a mistake or want to make a comment about my data sheets, could you please send me a private message on here. They seem to be deleted before I can get in to read them or reply. The only way I know about them, is they are emailed to me.
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Old Apr 24 2014, 02:54 AM
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Default Individual Crop Profits Inside!

1) There are 20 hours in a farm town day.
2) These profits apply to when someone else harvests your crops. 1 plot = one normal crop AND one "large" crop.
3) I have included the cost of seed + plowing cost.
4) These are NOT fertilized.
5) This list is sorted top to bottom by cost of seeds. Raspberry seeds cost 15 each and Acorn Squash seeds cost 500 each.
6) This does not take into account any belts.
7) If there is anything I should add please let me know.


Raspberry - 78/Plot - 2 Hours
Purple Grapes - 93/Plot - 4 Hours
Fennel - 98/Plot - 2 Hours
Echinacea Purpurea - 123/Plot - 2 Hours
Lentils - 121/Plot - 4 Hours
Squash - 117/Plot - 8 Hours
Asparagus - 129/Plot - 12 Hours
Mustard - 128/Plot - 4 Hours
Strawberry - 147/Plot - 20 Hours
Clover - 167/Plot - 8 Hours
Brussels Sprout - 195/Plot - 12 Hours
Kidney Beans - 168/Plot - 8 Hours
Green Beans - 131/Plot - 4 Hours
Watermelon - 157/Plot - 20 Hours
Wasabi - 172/Plot - 12 Hours
Mushroom - 177/Plot - 20 Hours
Beets - 122/Plot - 4 Hours
Potato - 168/Plot - 20 Hours
Grape Tomato - 157/Plot - 8 Hours
Cabbage - 180/Plot - 20 Hours
Peanut - 172/Plot - 12 Hours
Celery - 136/Plot - 4 Hours
Cantaloupe - 174/Plot - 8 Hours
Flax - 200/Plot - 12 Hours
Basil - 156/Plot - 8 Hours
Artichoke - 138/Plot - 4 Hours
Tomato - 248/Plot - 40 Hours
Eggplant - 197/Plot - 20 Hours
Vanilla - 181/Plot - 8 Hours
Chives - 212/Plot - 12 Hours
Sage - 214/Plot - 20 Hours
Coriander (Cilantro) - 161/Plot - 4 Hours
Black Beans - 170/Plot - 4 Hours
Lettuce - 174/Plot - 8 Hours
Mint - 229/Plot - 20 Hours
Sugarcane - 174/Plot - 12 Hours
Green Grapes - 246/Plot - 20 Hours
Cauliflower - 209/Plot - 12 Hours
Yerba Mate - 178/Plot - 4 Hours
Alfalfa - 213/Plot - 8 Hours
Hibiscus - 226/Plot - 8 Hours
Tea - 263/Plot - 20 Hours
Chamomile - 186/Plot - 4 Hours
Soybean - 195/Plot - 12 Hours
Yucca - 236/Plot - 8 Hours
Rose Hips - 249/Plot - 12 Hours
Barley - 276/Plot - 20 Hours
Spinach - 291/Plot - 20 Hours
Rice - 328/Plot - 40 Hours
Dandelion - 262/Plo - 12 Hours
Wheat - 306/Plot - 40 Hours
Bellpepper - 321/Plot - 40 Hours
Turmeric - 275/Plot - 12 Hours
Lavender - 305/Plot - 20 Hours
Radish - 320/Plot - 20 Hours
Peas - 344/Plot - 40 Hours
Scallions - 335/Plot - 20 Hours
Blackberry - 418/Plot - 40 Hours
Lemongrass - 350/Plot - 20 Hours
English Ivy - 606/Plot - 40 Hours
Sunflower - 484/Plot - 60 Hours
Cucumber - 499/Plot - 80 Hours
Corn - 487/Plot - 60 Hours
Aloe Vera - 494/Plot - 40 Hours
Chickpeas - 854/Plot - 60 Hours
Garlic - 498/Plot - 40 Hours
Broccoli - 647/Plot - 80 Hours
Coffee - 496/Plot - 60 Hours
Sweet Potato - 534/Plot - 60 Hours
Sorghum - 646/Plot - 40 Hours
Onions - 564/Plot - 60 Hours
Hop - 567/Plot - 40 Hours
Oat - 817/Plot - 60 Hours
Cotton - 581/Plot - 60 Hours
Zucchini - 652/Plot - 40 Hours
Pumpkin - 661/Plot - 80 Hours
Rosemary - 738/Plot - 60 Hours
Oregano - 620/Plot - 40 Hours
Saffron - 698/Plot - 40 Hours
Carrot - 520/Plot - 40 Hours
Ginger - 806/Plot - 60 Hours
Sesame Seeds - 672/Plot - 40 hours
Parsley - 905/Plot - 60 Hours
Ginseng - 873/Plot - 60 Hours
Passion Fruit - 1284/Plot - 80 Hours
Pepper - 572/Plot - 40 Hours
Quinoa - 1010/Plot - 60 Hours
Blueberry - 753/Plot - 60 Hours
Anise - 1077/Plot - 60 Hours
Rhubarb - 1239/Plot - 80 hours
Pineapple - 816/Plot - 60 Hours
Okra - 1027/Plot - 60 Hours
White Beans - 1470/Plot - 80 Hours
Acorn Squash - 1860/Plot - 100 Hours

Most Profitable By Time To Grow
2 Hours - Echinacea Purpurea - 61.5 Coins/Hr
4 Hours - Chamomile - 46.5 Coins/Hr
8 Hours - Yucca - 29.5 Coins/Hr
12 Hours - Turmeric - 22.9 Coins/Hr
20 Hours - Lemongrass - 17.5 Coins/Hr
40 Hours - Saffron - 17.45 Coins/Hr
60 Hours - Anise - 17.95 Coins/Hr
80 Hours - White Beans - 18.375 Coins/Hr
100 Hours - Acorn Squash - 18.6 Coins/Hr

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Old Jul 19 2014, 10:15 PM
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Default Factory requirement list

Created and maintained by PAT PITRE HOLLOWAY



Visit 's Farm

DB:W20, MPS:C20

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Old Nov 02 2019, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by osaposa View Post
thanks alot for the work!!

If it ia not much to ask, do you have one with the harvesting times and/or factory products with the required ingredients??
Have a great farming time
The harvesting time for crops can be found in the Game Guide here...


To get factory products, open your Facility Manager, click on the question mark (?) in the upper right of the factory and then click on the product.

Hope this helps.
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Old Feb 16 2020, 11:02 AM
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Are there any current 15 day production requirements per facility data sheets available?
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