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Old Aug 25 2017, 06:22 AM
mrsdont mrsdont is offline
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Thanks for the update.Going to need a 2nd job to keep up with the FC again. 4FC facs a month. Time you upped the quests FC and double the fc for a level to compensate for this
Old Aug 25 2017, 06:32 AM
Walkies Walkies is offline
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brilliant news about the 20 hours for the ships! absolutely brilliant!
Old Aug 25 2017, 07:02 AM
Sandraneta Sandraneta is offline
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A thousand thanks! I simply love this game. Thanks for making it one of the highlights of my day.
Old Aug 25 2017, 07:19 AM
Jean's Farm Jean's Farm is offline
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Originally Posted by Queen.of.Clutter View Post
Nice to get the release a bit early, but Wow !! Now we are up to FOUR Farm Cash Facilities - 122 Farm Cash for this release, but only 25 Farm Cash is given to us every THREE MONTHS. It's getting really hard to afford this game anymore.
I agree.....6 new facilities.....two are coins??? To bad. I like the new ones tho.
Old Aug 25 2017, 07:42 AM
Sandraneta Sandraneta is offline
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I've been playing since May 2009. Truly love the game and I am committed to it. The Developers have introduced various elements to keep the game interesting and interactive. Nonetheless, I agree with you that larger and more frequent Farm Cash Rewards ought to be provided, especially to gamers who invest faithfully in the game every single month.
Old Aug 25 2017, 07:47 AM
leighwj1960 leighwj1960 is offline
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Originally Posted by bluehair View Post
meh I am thankful to get farm cash for free plus doing the quests you can earn up to 6 farm cash as week.

I dont bother buy FC facilities now I just buy tools
Since I can never get higher than 8th place in the Neighborhood Chains I don't even bother trying, just concentrate on what I can do (quests and ships).
Old Aug 25 2017, 07:59 AM
Sandraneta Sandraneta is offline
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Originally Posted by leighwj1960 View Post
Since I can never get higher than 8th place in the Neighborhood Chains I don't even bother trying, just concentrate on what I can do (quests and ships).
This is not a complaint, simply an observation/suggestion to the developers. Clearly, I appreciate all that the Developers do and give. No doubt about it. Personally, with the exception of two 50 FC animal facilities, I have purchased every FC facility and play all the Facility games. They are enjoyable to me and my neighbors who play. The great thing is that everyone has the right to choose what they are willing to do. I suppose that if and when the game becomes cost prohibitive, people will stop playing, or like you, choose what they are able to play. Cheers.
Old Aug 25 2017, 08:03 AM
cassi2m cassi2m is offline
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Default about update

It took almost a year to listen on the ship 20 hour suggestion, now what about the other suggestions that I submitted last year from a panel of select people, who like me, have a lot of money invested in the game? What about the tool to auto load when ships sit in our port and it angers people Still?

I am still respectfully requesting a tool to Auto Load ships waiting in OUR ports to be filled by US. I do not participate in the ships due to this and other reasons. I still do not like the ship rules, time, monotony necessary to sit and fill the containers one by one. I realize that you did speed up filling of containers. I helped a friend with hers and was amazed that it only took 4 minutes to fill each container. That was a wonderful surprise but that's only if you are hanging out in the game 24/7 or often.

I am still requesting more trains, 2 more sets to help with missing products ie: paper rolls, petrochemical products, inks, lumber..more below.

This may not be the proper section perhaps, but I think that old issues need to be addressed. ie: lack of Ink Output & Ratio Balance in the game for an example.

How many new releases put a further strain on the Red, Blue, Black, Yellow inks that one cannot produce enough of to make these products. I'd bet you a dollar that the new releases put a further strain on those and the Carbon Steel, lumber is still way off in Ratio needed to what we can produce.

If you need my list again, I can supply it. Josh created it and I passed it on to ya'll with my notations of what is lacking in production that is major that I had noticed, and yes still complaining about INKS. If we do not have inks, it brings our game to a halt. How many facs use Ink? I'd guess more than 75%, yet we have 1 factory for it Ink & Pigment, trains supply a small amount, and ships will supplement if, if one has time to keep up with them.

I have asked that Ships be boosted like trains, I guess ya'll didn't like that one, never came to fruition and I suggested this all last year to early this year. I've just hit a wall with the game, frustration, and after I've spent so much money on it, I don't want to give it up...but(?)

We are lopsided and not able to produce what is needed. I believe these things need to be addressed. Pearls are still off, Semi output needs to be raised to meet the needs, train output raised. We need you to support us in the game and provide what we need in order to play our games efficiently. I think I currently own 8 semi's, for example. I do not "ghost" my facs, nor do I have facs on every farm. My fellow players say I should. I believe I have 23 farms of facs & clients. If I put facs on every farm, it makes it harder on the little guy without 2 trains running to work my posts. Yet the game is forcing me to put facs on every farm.

It it will take people without 20 long cars running (train cars)
Break down here pause: you can run 2 trains of each engine type which means big money. In order to have the mayor do all farms with 1 click it is expensive. 20 Long cars x35ft cash each=700 ft cash + the engines 1 is 100k coins, others are all ft cash, 35, 40, 45, 50 ft cash each for engines if you want your products home to benefit your game in a timely manner. Otherwise you have to wait 6 days, if fully boosted to get the 100,000 coin black train home. We need help and relief. We come to play not stress out, can I make enough ___ fill in the blank. We need a in the Store > a filter Facilities Important to Me (my game), meaning that will guide us in what we need to buy.

I help or use to login to many accounts to help ppl configure their games. I taught them as I was taught you need 2 to 4 ratio of facs to support 1 client, otherwise you may not have enough stock to fill them when posting. Ok, that puts a further drag on the game in needing ingredients to produce. I have noticed a trend. People will buy FT cash Facs for quests, let's say they need the Client, but never realize that they were missing the Factory that produces to support the client.

A filter needs to be created in the Store showing what Facilities are needed to support or enhance Our game. I know that one can look at the Missing Facs filtering what is needed, but it's hard when there are so many. Also if we own all, we still need to know which facs are suggested to buy, in order to assist us with our game.

Friends will ask me to go in and look because I know what makes what and is supplied for which, normally what products are needed to produce each item. I look over their inventory quickly and help them resolve issues. I am not that "up" on the game with the most recent releases, have yet to see in the store what the new facs will require. I just loaded my game and my semi's are at 0% producing as a matter of fact. ...real life is in the way of my game play right now. Please consider a new Filter in the Store > Facs > Factory/Facility Importance to Me to help guide us in what to buy.

It is nice to have new releases of facs/clients however when it doesn't balance out, what's the use? And a poster stated above that we need more FC facs of the same type to run our game, ie: I own 3 air freshener facs yet still cannot produce what is needed to run facs owned.

Your suggestion is to probably reduce the amount of facs of certain types that I have running. Well I have those to make money for expansions on farms, etc. You may suggest that I work more posts, I don't have time, I'm a horrible neighbor but I guess my friends Love me...they are keeping me around. I have slowed down on my game the last month due to personal matters and was waiting to see what this next release was all about.

Thanks Guys for doing all that you do, the Tools are wonderful, always buying new tools...but Come On we still want a Flower Freezing (possible tree freezing as well) Tool. You give us these beautiful flowers and yet we have to freeze them one by one. horrible

farm link below, but if you go to Farm 13, I froze all of the flowers one by one. I locked down 8 farms for a week, made private ...one of my many suggestions...make farm private, btw... and hand froze my flowers on all of my Farm Town Cash Facility farms/deco farms. I hand froze all, and a friend asked me why I froze them why not allow ppl to cut them. I said because I have flower farms to be cut, these are my Decoration/farm town cash and facility/client farms. I don't want these cut, the farms will look horrible. All of my ft cash facs are now solid on the ground due to the game losing my facs. 13 disappeared from my game earlier this year. Rob fixed the issue, ty Rob

My default farm below if you wish to visit but I have a mess, still moving things around, arranging after necessity dictated that my ft cash facs/clients are put on ground, not over hanging and not in buildings. In fact they do not touch each other in hopes that they will NOT disappear again. I can monitor them this way with them all on these certain farms. It's working out nicely but interfering with productivity. ie cannot layer farms/trees, etc on these ft cash fac farms. They are my first 14 farms. The remainder have coin facs on them scattered throughout the remaining farms.

Sorry so long, ty for reading. Please move if needed to proper thread.
Just my honest opinions stated above.
PS. As Always Yes A huge thank you for all that ya'll do! Now read above again and act upon suggestions, please. lol
PSS. posting on my timeline to let my friends and nbrs know what I have suggested here and archiving my post on my hard drive for future reference.
Old Aug 25 2017, 08:46 AM
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Default You listened!

Awesome updates! Can't wait for the new facilities!
If He brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

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Old Aug 25 2017, 08:51 AM
barbara nixon barbara nixon is offline
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thanks, keep up the good work...
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