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Old Yesterday, 10:48 AM
Auntie Em in Kansas Auntie Em in Kansas is offline
Join Date: Feb 01 2016
Location: ohio
Posts: 2

Load Cioppino (4.9 days)
Buy Cioppino, Crab, Clam Container, Mussel Container, Shrimp Container, Scallop Container, Tomato, 3 yr Aged Red Wine, Red Wine Container, Purple Grapes
Leave note, so I might replenish for my co op
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Old Yesterday, 07:50 PM
Hayseed C Hayseed C is offline
Join Date: Sep 04 2009
Location: UK
Posts: 45

Dog Treadmill - maple lumber pile, carbon steel sheet, motor, rubber sheet, black ink, maple log pile, iron ore, graphite ore, stainless steel sheet, copper sheet, latex, turpentine, soybean, walnuts, chromite ore, copper ore, petrochemical barrel, crude oil barrel

Portable Display Ramps - sunflowers, soybean, graphite ore, iron ore, yellow ink, carbon steel sheet

Hammock - linen rope, oak lumber pile, flax, oak log pile

Please leave a note on my farm if you buy anything as I might need the same.
If I've run out of something you need let me know and I'll try to restock. Thanks for looking
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Old Today, 07:43 AM
joshjoys16 joshjoys16 is online now
Join Date: Jul 17 2016
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 8

TOOL SET (6 days)
tool set, stainless steel sheet, rubber sheet, black pigment, iron ore, chromite ore, latex, turpentine, walnuts, petrochemical barrel, crude oil barrel

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co-operative quests

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