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Old Jul 09 2020, 03:14 AM
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Default New Release -- July 9th, 2020

***Update on the game migration from Adobe Flash to HTML5: We are still working on the HTML5 version and will be doing beta testing soon. The effort required by this migration has been much more than anticipated, however, at this point we have high confidence that we will complete the full migration before the end of the year.***

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on July 18th, 3:00AM.

Hi There,

We just released a new update with the following features and bug fixes: En Español AQUI

1. 25 New Levels: Items located in the Buildings, Other, Farm Decor, Fun, Motion, and Trees categories in the Store.

2. Next 5 expansions for Farm 41, see prices below:

Upgrade Farm 42x42 - 47500000000 or 40 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 44x44 - 48000000000 or 40 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 46x46 - 48500000000 or 40 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 48x48 - 49000000000 or 40 FarmCash
Upgrade Farm 50x50 - 50000000000 or 40 FarmCash

3. Increased the availability of Tuna, Lobster, Squid, Cod, Grouper and Yellowtail by 43%: The Swordfish, Mackerel and Eel can no longer be catch in the Big Sea Coast, only in the Small Sea Coast. This will effectively increase by 43% the availability of Tuna, Lobster, Squid, Cod, Grouper and Yellowtail in the Big Sea Coast.

4. 2 more Trading Advertising Banners: These 2 banners will provide even more benefits when buying or selling regular products in a Trading Warehouse.

a) Pink Large Trading Advertising Banner: Increase the original Trading Quantity by 75% and Reduce the trading period length from 60 to 30 mins

b) Yellow Extra Large Trading Advertising Banner: Duplicates your original Trading Quantity and Reduce the trading period length from 60 to 20 mins

Note: Notice that due to the increases in some fish availability as described in point #3 above, the original Trading Quantity for fish was also increased. The benefits of the Trading Advertising Banners for the fish Trading Quantity are on top of the increases described in point #3.

5. Improvements to the custom sort manager screen in the Facility Manager:

a) Added a search icon to quickly locate facilities

b) Click on a facility to see options for how to move them faster to other locations:

- Send to top -> this option will move the facility to the top of the list

- Send to bottom -> this option will move the facility to the bottom of the list

- Remember this Facility -> this option will temporarily remember the facility by adding it to the facility bar at the bottom, you can continue doing this for multiple facilities. Then you can move to the page where you want to move the remembered facilities. To move them just click on the facility icon in the facility bar.

6. Option to adding new neighbour ports to a reused itinerary: When reusing a previous ship itinerary, sometimes some of its neighbour ports were removed automatically due to those farmers not being your neighbours anymore. In those spots we are now showing an 'Add' button so you can add new neighbour ports to complete your itinerary again.

7. Improvements to existing filters:

a) Added 'FarmCash Facilities', 'Coins Facilities' and 'Disabled Facilities' filters to the facility manager

b) Added 'Regular Facilities' , 'Service Facilities' and 'Animal Facilities' filters to the facility category in the store

c) Added 'in 1 to 2 hours', 'in 2 to 3 hours' and 'in 3 to 4 hours' filters to the farm stats

8. Other minor improvements and bug fixes:

a) In the farm stats, when mouse over a product we are now also showing the amount stored

b) If the NCC feature is disabled in the preference screen and the user open the NCC screen a warning message is shown alerting the user about it

c) When adding a facility to the item storage, if that facility is participating in the current NCC contest a warning message is shown alerting the user about it before any other warning message

d) When adding a new super neighbour, if there is not enough space a warning message is shown alerting the user about it

e) Bugfix: The ingredient planner was showing incorrect amounts for baits

f) Bugfix: Invalid users sometimes shown in the NCC thanks screen

g) Bugfix: When going back to the farm after visiting the Realtor Office, opening the regular store will open the realtor store instead

9. Scottish Restaurant (FC): Produces Scottish Food.

Highland Shortbread
Scottish Oat Cakes
Haggis Neeps N Tatties
Cullen Skink
Cock A Leekie Soup
Scottish Stovies

New Products from other Facilities: Offal in the Semi-Trailer Truck and Smoked Haddock in the Smokehouse.

10. Butter Making Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Butter Making Supplies.

Butter Mold
Butter Multi Mold
Butter Stamp
Grooved Butter Paddle
Butter Muslin
Milk Thermometer
Plunge Churn
Paddle Churn

11. Taste of Scotland (FC): Provides Scotland Cultural Exchange and Food Tasting Services and can be stocked with products from the Scottish Restaurant.

12. Kids Breakfast Club (Coins): Provides Morning Activities for Children and can be stocked with the following products:

Cranberry Juice
Strawberry Shredded Wheat (Cereal)
Cinnamon Oats (Cereal)
Raspberry Yogurt
Scrambled Eggs Breakfast
Macaroni and Cheese
Kid Book
Comic Book



Post Release Updates - July 9th, 11:50PM

- Bugfix: When dispatching a ship sometimes a deleted port was showing at the end of its itinerary
- Bugfix: After loading a ship in the Seaport, sometimes the ship will not disappear from the list

Post Release Updates - July 10th, 1:40PM

- Bugfix: Some ships were returning home before completing the full itinerary
- Bugfix: Sometimes an error was shown when reusing a previous itinerary
- Bugfix: X025 error when preparing ships

Post Release Updates - July 13th, 4:30PM

- The log book section for ships is now showing a green dot for each neighbour that is currently online, this can help you when deciding which neighbours to include in the ship itinerary and on which order.

- Bugfix: The Purple hand was not remembering the category and the search text when opening the store.

Post Release Updates - July 15th, 6:30PM

- Bugfix: Searching for products in the market sometimes not working after changing the product filter.

Post Release Updates - July 18th, 3:00AM

- Released 25 new levels.

Known Issues:

- None

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Old Jul 09 2020, 03:15 AM
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thanks to all for the great update


Old Jul 09 2020, 03:19 AM
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thanks Raul, I need to go on a new items hunt lol

Lara's Farm
Old Jul 09 2020, 03:47 AM
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thank you, especially love the new filters in the Store. The two new Trade Advertising Banners are quite lovely also, plus the new facilities and new products .. cheers..
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Thanks for the update.

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Thank you! Stay Safe!
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Thank you Raul and the team!!
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Thanks Raul and Team

For those that like a quick list, this is what I've noticed so far:

New options for the Funnel Filter in the Store for the Facilities section:
  • Regular Facilities
  • Service Facilities
  • Animal Facilities

4 new facilities:
  • Scottish Restaurant (FC production)
  • Taste of Scotland (FC service)
  • Butter Making Supplies Factory (coins production)
  • Kids Breakfast Club (coins service)

New products needed for the new Scottish Restaurant:
  • Offal in the Semi Trailer to make Haggis
    You need to make the Haggis in the Scottish Restaurant before you can make the Haggis Neeps and Tatties in it.
  • Smoked Haddock in the Smokehouse to make Cullen Skink.

New Tools :
  • Trading Advertising Banner - L (Increase Trading Limit 75%, Reduce Trading Period to 30 mins)
  • Trading Advertising Banner - XL (Duplicates Trading Limit, Reduce Trading Period to 20 mins)
    The S and M sizes were released last month.

Last of the Land Upgrades for Farm 41 (in original farm Order) 42x42 to 50x50

Add (port) in the Reuse Itinerary List in the Seaport Manager - If you lose a port in your ships itinerary due to losing a neighbour you can now Reuse the Last Itinerary and then Add the missing port back. The missing port(s) are listed at the end of the itinerary so if if you lost one port you would need to click Add on port 30 and then move them to wherever you want them in your itinerary.

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Old Jul 09 2020, 06:54 AM
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There is something wrong with ships, it goes straight to 100% and you have to reload to do them again. I'll send the video of what it does if you'd like?
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Originally Posted by Alexandra_J View Post
There is something wrong with ships, it goes straight to 100% and you have to reload to do them again. I'll send the video of what it does if you'd like?
Hi Alexandra_J,

Are you talking about loading containers on your your own ship or are you talking about loading ships that are at your port? I am not seeing any problems with loading containers on your own ships at this time.

No don't upload a video, just describe what you are seeing and where you are seeing it. What is going to 100% that you have to reload?

We know there is a problem when there is more than one ship at your port, the last ship isn't clearing after loading them all. Just close the seaport manager and reopen and the last one will clear or you can switch between the My Ships and My Seaport sections to clear it without closing the Seaport Manager. We have notified the developers of this issue.
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