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Old Dec 01 2023, 09:37 AM
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Default Farm Pass and Working Farms Issues

UPDATES for the Issues below Released!!

Post Release Updates - December 2nd, 3:30PM

- Bugfix: Farm Pass crop goals not working when using combines.

- Bugfix: Sometimes after working on a farm, then reloading that farm, some of the previously worked items showed up again as if they were never completed.

Known Issues - Farm Pass and Working Farms.

The developers are currently working on these Issues:

  • Farm Pass Harvest Crops Goals
    Specific crops or the larger goals for non specific crop, please use the harvester for harvesting and NOT any of the combines! Then the counter on your goal will increment to show it's being done.

  • Farm Work not being fully completed by hired workers including Super Neighbours:
    This can affect any type of farm work, crops, trees, flowers, fishing.

    1. To be clear the worker sees that all work is completed and may NOT be aware that some has not been done.

    2. If they are aware of the issue, they can refresh the farm they have just worked to see if any has not completed.

    3. Hiring strangers - they still earn the bonus chest if all the farm work looks completed to them and they don't see a warning popup that work was not completed to be able to claim it.

    4. This issue can intermittent and may not affect every single farm or every type of job.

    5. Farm Owners will need to check if this has happened.

      Remember that you can:

      Refresh the farm to see if any work is not completed.

      Check Show Work Info and Farm Stats -10 minutes AFTER farm work is completed.


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