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Old Aug 29 2018, 09:53 PM
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It was easier, sort of, way back when but I wouldn't say it was more fun. There was the endless walk-around to get to trees and flowers. The tedious 1 field at a time, the struggle to find space for everything. The work involved to get the mansion. Even fighting to get to harvest your neighbor's sunflowers, coffee, corn to make coins. However, there was the group farming, meeting up and running races with avatars. That was fun. You don't have to do the quests but I have figured out how to get the 8 needed for the regular quests and the 13 for the co-op so I do enjoy that. It's one of those questions that have pros and cons for answers. The thing to keep in mind is, everyone can choose how to play. You don't have to have facs or do the quests or buy expansions or even buy the new farms. You can actually choose to play the old way, that's one of the best things about this game, play it how you want
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Old Sep 05 2018, 10:05 AM
bnzdakmom bnzdakmom is offline
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Back in the beginning, the fun was in making your farm look good, occasionally changing that look and doing basic tasks to get more coins and level up. Now, you can't afford to have nice looking farms, you have to use all space productively. The amount of points to level up and the amount of FC to purchase the really good tools is horrible. I can't/won't spend real cash (although I might if the amounts per item were more reasonable so I could get more than one tool or facility for a lower amount of real cash) so I stay at the same level for a long time and have to devote way too much time to the game to get anywhere. Such a slow process. I continue not because I love it but because it's a habit and passes the time. I can think of many suggestions to make it fun for all and still allow the company to make a little money but I fear they would fall on deaf ears.
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Old Sep 05 2018, 01:25 PM
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I think it was more fun when we didn't need the outrageous amount of ingredients that the facilities call for. In the beginning we didn't need to layer. While they haven't yet outright banned layering the developers don't like us to layer but we need to do it to get the amount of ingredients needed. I have all of the coin facilities but very few of the FC facilities and find it hard to keep up. When expansions first came out they were affordable now the prices to expand are out in the stratosphere so we have to squeeze everything into smaller farms. It was definitely more fun when things were simpler.
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Old Sep 28 2018, 10:17 PM
Dan H Dan H is offline
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In the early days, I played for a long time without facilities, just because I enjoyed the small farm planting and harvesting and so on. Then, as time progressed, I decided to branch out with land upgrades, adding facilities and tools and over the years, my farms and towns have naturally grown in size and numbers. I don't have every farm or every tool and I am OK with that.

From day 1, I understood Farm Town is a game of strategy and time management. It has evolved into a diverse game that can be played on differing levels. I have progressed with the game over the years and have settled into a pace and level that I am happy and comfortable with.

That being said, throughout these 9 years or so of playing FT, I have enjoyed every day that I play FT, and every year, I enjoy the game more. During this time, I have retired and moved into a 'fixed income' status, like many others posting in the forum. I moderate FC spending to my situation and don't try to buy everything available. What I do have works pretty well and I am happy with what I have.

I currently have 28 farms with 12 of them dedicated strictly to growing Chia. Those 12 are layered X9 and are the only layered farms I have. The Chia harvests bring in over 1 billion coins every 2.4 days. That is adequate to buy many things and make occasional land upgrades. I have never had any issues over the years with layering.

My remaining 16 farms and towns are for facilities and growing crops to supply them.

Concerning layering, the developers have said they don't care one way or the other about whether players layer their farms. As for them not supporting layering, I would surmise, for one thing, that layering is dependent on browser function and they have no control over the browsers' operation or issues. Other software provider issues may be a factor also. They have, however, provided tools for layered operations and that makes it quick and easy for us in that instance.

I thank the developers for their vision, dedication and hard work to create a 'timeless' game that provides us enjoyment year after year.
Dan H
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Old Oct 23 2018, 02:57 AM
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Does anybody ever turn the music on for old times sake?

I love this thread


The Gathering
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Old Oct 27 2018, 12:07 AM
SeamsToBeSew SeamsToBeSew is offline
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I to have played since 2009, I don't remember the exact date I started but at the time I lived in Germany and did it because my sister-in-law needed friends for her FB games she played. Back then, there was only 1 farm, I preferred to decorate my farm versus always just planting, I planted in the shapes of quilt squares and blocks as I am a quilter and enjoyed recreating that in the crops and flowers. I am definitely an off/on player, I do get tired of what seems to be the same constant daily play, but I am also an all-around player, I have the trains mainly to work the facilities without having to click every facility, I love the ships, so so much easier to play with, the quests, and I use the super neighbor function to help with hiring. I've tried the market, but while some have noted that is' hard to find people hiring, it can be equally difficult to find people willing to work. Some people are very picky about what they will work and what they won't. Some want to work alone, but few will actually work every single farm. I don't hire 2 per farm or anything like that, but if I hired someone for 10 farms I'd expect all ten farms to be done.

Farmtown is the one game I do keep coming back to because I really like the fact that I can help others play and they can help me play. I haven't played many games on FB where neighboring is that important to the game. Farmtown doesn't just make us have neighbors for some functions, the neighbors are involved far more than other games and I like that.

I admit I do like having all the facilities, after a 3-year break I am a bit behind at the moment, but I will catch up. I do not see the need to have 37 farms but that may change. I'm just about caught up on the tools, but I don't see the need for all the tools either. I love the layering tools which has made it much faster to plant and even harvest our crops. I appreciate that Farmtown finally added those to the game and allowed those who layer the ability to make the gameplay faster.

I do not think FT is worse to play, like any game it needs to improve, thus they have to do just that. Do I think FC items cost a lot, perhaps... but I do not think it's any higher than other games. They do need to make money as I'm sure that even the cost of running the servers to play the game on is quite high.

Many of the games I use to play are no longer around on FB, but the one I started with still is and it's the one game I consistently come back to. I like FT and will play it again until I tire of it again. The only person tho that I'm "competing" with imho is myself. I like to make goals and reach them, so I strive to beat the experience points of my neighbors... thus I feel a little happy and that's all I really need to be satisfied.
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Old Oct 28 2018, 02:11 AM
Juju Bee Juju Bee is offline
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Was Farm Town better near the beginning? I had my farm, yes one farm, but it was so colorful and I had a mansion, a park, school, library, grocery store and I was able to get all of that stuff without waiting for a year to be able to pay for it or even worse---having the coins to pay but what you need is at level 106 and I am level 55.I had beautiful crops, lots of animals, trees and so many things I cannot get today. Were they better in 2009 & 2010 at my peek as a farmer. I love today's farms but it is taking so much time and angst getting there. I have lots of facilities, but won't have any tools to make use of them and won't have them for quite a while.
stile--I love my 3 little farms. So it must be that it is fun but the earlier ones and the current ones are two separate entities, both good just different.
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