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Old Jan 03 2018, 05:12 AM
Tuckertbnc Tuckertbnc is offline
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I play every day and enjoy it , my daughters got me started almost right at the beginning > they quit playing years ago .... Several years ago , I foresaw that if I kept on trying to buy all the FarmCash factories , that I would have to spend so much time , it would begin to seem like work .... I only buy the coin factory releases and save my FC for tools ... I grow Dragon Fruit on most of my farms - for high coin income .. the rest grow factory needs .... I haven't spent real money on Farmcash in a long time .... I admit I used to spend $9 every few months , but since I decided to stop buying the FC factories .... I'm more relaxed playing .... I manage to collect 1 - 2 FC from Both the quests most weeks , in spite of not having a lot of the factories .... I love the game because everyone can play differently and relax .... if you let pressure to play 'intensively' by your neighbors ruin the relaxing nature of the game .... you should think about getting more laid back neighbors ...
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Old Jan 04 2018, 11:51 PM
Iceman'sAngel Iceman'sAngel is offline
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Yes it was more fun before it became factory farming!!!!!! I would rather go back to fishing with the fishing pole than to spend so much time on facilities!
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Old Aug 24 2018, 06:11 PM
james_a_thompson james_a_thompson is offline
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Default 10 Years of FarmTown

Near as I can figure Farm Town has been around for over 10 years. Is that correct? If so, why not reward your loyal long-term players with year pins (or something that doesn't cost you anything). And, while your at it, could you please remove the "Beta" from the launch screen? I'm pretty sure you're WAY PAST the Beta release.
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Old Aug 24 2018, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by james_a_thompson View Post
Near as I can figure Farm Town has been around for over 10 years. Is that correct? If so, why not reward your loyal long-term players with year pins (or something that doesn't cost you anything). And, while your at it, could you please remove the "Beta" from the launch screen? I'm pretty sure you're WAY PAST the Beta release.
Hi James,
Farm Town started in Feb 2009, so not quite 10 years. If you want to make a suggestion please post it in the Suggestions section rather than here in the General Feedback.

The Beta is there because the game is constantly changing and can be played for free, because they do not charge a fee for you to play. Yes if you want some of the better things such as tools and facilities you will have to spend some money to get all of those. You will find that every game on Facebook is actually classified as Beta for that reason.
Dubh Glais Estates
Please come visit me on my farms (underlined link above) and if you see me say hi! I do ask that you not send me in-game messages for any problems other than forum login issues, as I can only help with those from my farm.
Post your problem or question here in the forums and we will gladly help you to solve it as quickly as we can.
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Old Aug 25 2018, 03:46 AM
sestree sestree is offline
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I started playing back before we had flowers and ponds and even fences. Single square plowing and boy did that thing skip all the time. We only had a few crops and a few trees. Trust me, it's gotten better over time. If it's too big and/or time consuming, then downgrade. Let your facilities run til empty and toss the ones you don't need in storage. Just a thought.
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Old Aug 25 2018, 09:42 AM
keith of Maise farm keith of Maise farm is offline
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ot was alot harder back in the days when ft first started with limted levelsl to aom for and ft was harder to harvest with limited tools etc.. also i miss the red light you could have on the chat bar which showed you was online but was busy working on your farm. have had to start all over again last september but now on the top level... a lot faster.. because i closed my fb account for a while.

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Old Aug 26 2018, 10:01 AM
atvchick95 atvchick95 is offline
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I'm thinking I maybe the eldest farmer on farmtown - I started playing it when it was originally on MySpace! I can't recall when Farmtown was released on Myspace, but I know MySpace started in 2003 and I don't think it was much longer after I created an account that I started playing Farmtown.(If you ever wondered why the dude in the marketplace that you sell your goods to is Named Tom, that is why! Tom is the creator of myspace and FT started out on Myspace

I know when Myspace stared dwindling down after Facebook started, All my FT friends were moving over to Facebook I was the last one to go, I loved MySpace and didn't want to give it up! I was very disappointed that I couldn't transfer anything from Farmtown on Myspace to Farmtown on Facebook, because I'd spent a lot of time and Real world money on the game, I even had FarmCash left on it when it disappeared from Myspace's platform! But I finally joined Facebook and started Playing Farmtown the exact same day which was in June 2009
So I've been at it for a long time, A ton has changed! I do find that once they added the facilities, it became more like a job vs. a game to relax with. But then they added the Manager and the tools to do all at once if your lucky enough to have all the major needed ones, which I don't you can get through them fairly quickly, I have some of the major ones so it does cut my time in half.

But I take time off of playing sometimes I don't play for a year at a time, actually I"m just back on after a year of not playing, I've noticed a huge change in the market place, it's like no matter what time of the day or night it is , it's more of an unemployment line! Everyone is looking for jobs and no one is hiring, it used to be soon as your character loaded in the market place you were getting pop ups all over your screen of being hired, now I can sit there for an hour and get nothing ! I do miss being able to move to other servers or what ever by clicking market place again, and being in a room of different people to find a job - I think if they'd bring that back we'd find jobs much easier again.

But I've seen a lot of great changes over the years, And there are still some bugs that's been in the game since the dawn of time I hope Farmtown continues for many more years. As it is the only "Farm" type game I like, I tried farmville - hated it , I've tried a few of the others as well hated them too. Farmtown has always been my favorite and as long as they don't add in quests that must be completed to move on , or anything like Farmville and those others do - then It will always be my favorite - Keep the style of the game the way it is, and it'll continue to grow; and it would be awesome if they'd finally have it where you can type in full screen, I play in full screen only, and it gets annoying have to leave full screen to type. I play many other online games in full screen that you can type in the full screen mode, so I know it is possible, just Farmtown apparently doesn't want to So if they'd add typing in full screen and reading the info on stuff in full screen as well - The game would be even more awesome than it has been all these years.

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Old Aug 27 2018, 08:03 PM
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i started playing in april 2009.i still love farmtown .just wish you would give us just 4 facilitys to buy instead of 6 .i have bought all of them .but my husband is not liking me spending more cash lately.i do not want to stop playing but i might have to if they do not go back to 4 a update.
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Old Aug 28 2018, 05:52 PM
bossy56 bossy56 is offline
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I also remember playing farmtown on My Space...only reason why I moved to facebook, was when My Space started limiting the number of friends we could have. When I finally left, we were down to only 10..
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Old Aug 29 2018, 11:54 AM
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I started in March 2009 on facebook when you had to be invited to join the game. I have never taken a break and most of the people who I met at the beginning are still my facebook friends but very few of them still play. Was it more fun? No it was different. We amused ourselves by making things such as waterfalls out of ponds (no sea coasts), mazes that actually worked out of hedges. I remember the excitement of getting flowers purely for decoration, a second farm, tools (everything was harvested singly). Now I work hard at my facilities I have 36 farms, I have numerous tools to help me and I still play every day. I have adapted and still love it. It is the only online game I have played for so long. It has always been fun it just changes with time but I enjoy all the changes too and the people I meet.

Lara's Farm
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