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Old Jan 31 2020, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Zeeky Banutski View Post
Somebody "in-charge" here please un-confuse me...when it comes to dispatching cargo ships, why do I have to keep resetting the itinerary EVERY.SINGLE.TIME?

Think about what the itinerary statement says "This ship now has the same itinerary used by the latest ship you dispatched".

IF this were a true statement, then after dispatching all seven (7) of my cargo ships TWICE, then the "latest ship's itinerary" would never change & I would not have to set this itinerary up so that it doesn't try to visit neighbors' ports who don't play cargo ships!

I've been doing cargo ships since they were first introduced, so that means I've had to "re-select" my ships' itineraries THOUSANDS of times.

Would the developers please look into revising this so that the dispatch process can be sped up?
Hi Zeeky Banutski,

The game has no way of predicting what you or your neighbours are going to be doing during the day, the following day or in the coming days. You have the best chance of knowing or finding that out, so that's why you have to tell the game if you want to reuse the itinerary.

For example: If anyone took a break from doing the ships and then found that when they came back more than 10 neighbours on the last itinerary had decided to take a break from the ships, if the game defaulted to the last itinerary, they would not be able to swap all of the ports not doing ships, because you only have 10 replaces. So what the game currently does, is it selects neighbours that have mostly recently helped you in the game that have an open port. This gives you a better chance of getting neighbours that are active in the game, that have open ports, so may be doing ships at that time. As long as there are enough that meet that criteria you won't get a disabled port or have to swap many out to get it the way you want.

If you would like to request a change for this, please post your idea in the Suggestions area of the forum where the developers will see it. You will not be able to start a new thread there. Click on the one with the title that most suits your idea, then scroll down the page and post in the reply box at the bottom of the page. Please Note: If you post in a thread and it's not the right one or is better suited to another one, your post will be moved to the correct one.
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