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Old Dec 31 2020, 07:25 AM
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Default Memory Loss/Web GL issues ONLY

Memory Loss/Web GL issues ONLY

This thread is for issues with Memory loss or WebGL.

This thread is thread is closed for posting for the time being.

The developers have asked us to split all the most recent posts into several thread in order for them to be able to find particular issues by category easier, which will help them considerably.

Please bare with us as this does mean that your posts may no longer be where you originally posted.

If you're not familiar with how to find your posts on the forum and you want to find your post, then you will need to click on this link for the instructions. It's worth while you doing this as you will find it much easier not only now but in the future should you require help with the game:


Those that cannot load due to green, black, grey screens are located here, if you want to view them, you can not post in that thread:

All Questions about what should or should not be available in the new version of the game go here:

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Old Jan 13 2021, 12:02 PM
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I get a message that my browser does not support WebGL then at the bottom of the page it says: WebGL Supported, but DISABLED ------------------- ERROR!.

I am on an apple. Everything must be dead by now.
Old Jan 13 2021, 12:20 PM
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Default New FT.

Can not get in FT. Says my browser supports2021-01-13 17:02:02.404 INFOCheckpoint-B-000 - Initialized
2021-01-13 17:02:02.405 LOGFT Client Services Inited.
2021-01-13 17:02:02.408 LOGSessionId: 131202
Browser: Blink: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 11_1_0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36
WebGL Supported, but DISABLED ------------------- ERROR! I have the black page. Was working until today. It kept freezing, but I could get in. Thanks for all you are doing.ID# 1089994139
Old Jan 13 2021, 12:41 PM
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Default can't load

I am unable to load farmtown. I believe that it is in the black section as the bar on the left side is black. It worked
fine yesterday. 1732882848
Old Jan 13 2021, 12:50 PM
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Help please this farm is my husbands ID 1818348454 he is using chromebook gets a black screen and it says checkpoint -B-000-initialized highlighted at the bottom it says webGL supported but DISABLED........ERROR!!
Old Jan 13 2021, 12:54 PM
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Default Debbie Loftin Group Admin We're Groovy Baby FT Group

user id 100000064056422

Checkpoint B-000-
game froze on black screen, plus when i went to see the checkpoint it said, at the bottom

WebGL Supported but DISABLED ------ERROR!

and when the game loads a box pops up and in it says

An embedded page at l1.slashkey.com says
Your browser does not support WebGL

I am on my laptop running chrome with windows 10

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Old Jan 13 2021, 12:56 PM
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100000287476399 it will load game but message says browser does not support WebGL, everything freezes if I try going to a different farm. Bottom of game it says webGL is supported, but disabled. I have enabled it, I am using Chrome, but having same problems in Opera
Old Jan 13 2021, 01:45 PM
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your browser does not support web gl 118998689945029
Old Jan 13 2021, 03:06 PM
caseylynn3@hotmail.com caseylynn3@hotmail.com is offline
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1320056030 Is my Farm Town ID. I do not see my Avatar, Don't see any of my neighbors at all. keeps popping up, with wait for SlashKey, & An embedded page at /Slashkey.com says: Out of memory. If you are the developer of this content, try allocating more memory to your WebGL build in the WebGL player settings. (Errors) and sometimes it says fatal

From FT console, are these errors:
2021-01-13 19:55:42.523 INFOCheckpoint-B-000 - Initialized
2021-01-13 19:55:42.525 LOGFT Client Services Inited.
2021-01-13 19:55:42.589 LOGSessionId: 131355
Browser: Blink: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36
WebGL Supported and Enabled. Type: WebGL 2.0
GPU-Vendor: Google Inc.
GPU-Renderer: ANGLE (Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)
2021-01-13 19:55:49.829 LOGLoading player data from data.unity3d
2021-01-13 19:55:49.833 LOGInitialize engine version: 2020.2.1f1 (270dd8c3da1c)
2021-01-13 19:55:49.834 LOGCreating WebGL 2.0 context.
2021-01-13 19:55:49.854 LOGRenderer: WebKit WebGL
2021-01-13 19:55:49.855 LOGVendor: WebKit
2021-01-13 19:55:49.856 LOGVersion: OpenGL ES 3.0 (WebGL 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.0 Chromium))
2021-01-13 19:55:49.857 LOGGLES: 3
2021-01-13 19:55:49.858 LOGi_draw_instanced_base_vertex_base_instance GL_WEBGL_multi_draw_instanced_base_vertex_base_ins tance WEBGL_video_texture GL_WEBGL_video_texture OVR_multiview2 GL_OVR_multiview2
2021-01-13 19:55:49.875 LOGOPENGL LOG: Creating OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics device ; Context level ; Context handle 41406288
2021-01-13 19:55:52.622 LOGSendMessage: object JsUnityBridge not found!
2021-01-13 19:55:53.677 LOGInput Manager initialize...
2021-01-13 19:55:53.682 INFOCheckpoint-U-30 - Bootloader.Init Start
2021-01-13 19:55:53.731 INFOCheckpoint-U-31 - Init AssetRegistry
2021-01-13 19:55:53.949 INFOCheckpoint-U-32 - Download Play Bundles
2021-01-13 19:55:54.017 INFOCheckpoint-U-33 - Init Local Storage
2021-01-13 19:55:54.026 INFOCheckpoint-U-34 - Init Loading Screen
2021-01-13 19:55:54.029 INFOCheckpoint-U-34 - Init FlashVars
2021-01-13 19:55:54.049 INFOCheckpoint-U-40 - Init HUD
2021-01-13 19:55:54.601 INFOCheckpoint-U-45 - Init Farm Controller
2021-01-13 19:55:54.611 INFOCheckpoint-U-50 - Processing Params
2021-01-13 19:55:54.689 INFOCheckpoint-U-50 - Init Sub Controllers
2021-01-13 19:55:54.731 INFOCheckpoint-U-51 - Init Preferences
2021-01-13 19:55:54.735 INFOCheckpoint-U-52 - Load Prefs into UI
2021-01-13 19:55:54.740 INFOCheckpoint-U-53 - Init Engine
2021-01-13 19:55:54.745 INFOCheckpoint-U-55 - Init ItemDefs
2021-01-13 19:55:56.379 INFOCheckpoint-U-56 - Init RecipeDefs
2021-01-13 19:55:57.022 INFOCheckpoint-U-57 - Init Misc Defs
2021-01-13 19:55:57.151 INFOCheckpoint-U-60 - Load User
2021-01-13 19:55:58.320 INFOCheckpoint-U-61 - User Loaded
2021-01-13 19:55:58.364 INFOCheckpoint-U-62 - Main Avatar Loaded
2021-01-13 19:55:58.397 INFOCheckpoint-U-70 - Go To Farm
2021-01-13 19:55:58.408 INFOCheckpoint-U-75 - GoToFarmAsync
2021-01-13 19:56:02.074 INFOCheckpoint-DONE - Map Loaded
2021-01-13 19:56:12.876 INFOCheckpoint-U-70 - Go To Farm
2021-01-13 19:56:12.882 INFOCheckpoint-U-72 - Load_Farm_Info
2021-01-13 19:56:13.359 INFOCheckpoint-U-74 - Load_Farm_Info Done
2021-01-13 19:56:13.473 INFOCheckpoint-U-75 - GoToFarmAsync
2021-01-13 19:56:15.265 INFOCheckpoint-DONE - Map Loaded
2021-01-13 19:56:22.050 INFOCheckpoint-U-70 - Go To Farm
2021-01-13 19:56:22.057 INFOCheckpoint-U-72 - Load_Farm_Info
2021-01-13 19:56:22.672 INFOCheckpoint-U-74 - Load_Farm_Info Done
2021-01-13 19:56:22.765 INFOCheckpoint-U-75 - GoToFarmAsync
2021-01-13 19:56:24.032 INFOCheckpoint-DONE - Map Loaded
2021-01-13 19:58:10.472 INFOCheckpoint-U-70 - Go To Farm
2021-01-13 19:58:10.482 INFOCheckpoint-U-72 - Load_Farm_Info
2021-01-13 19:58:11.106 INFOCheckpoint-U-74 - Load_Farm_Info Done
2021-01-13 19:58:11.224 INFOCheckpoint-U-75 - GoToFarmAsync
2021-01-13 19:58:16.955 INFOCheckpoint-DONE - Map Loaded
2021-01-13 20:00:59.354 LOGCannot enlarge memory arrays. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value 2144141312, (2) compile with -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1 which allows increasing the size at runtime, or (3) if you want malloc to return NULL (0) instead of this abort, compile with -s ABORTING_MALLOC=0
2021-01-13 20:00:59.360 ERRORCannot enlarge memory arrays. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value 2144141312, (2) compile with -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1 which allows increasing the size at runtime, or (3) if you want malloc to return NULL (0) instead of this abort, compile with -s ABORTING_MALLOC=0
2021-01-13 20:00:59.369 LOGInvoking error handler due to
abort("Cannot enlarge memory arrays. Either (1) compile with -s TOTAL_MEMORY=X with X higher than the current value 2144141312, (2) compile with -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1 which allows increasing the size at runtime, or (3) if you want malloc to return NULL (0) instead of this abort, compile with -s ABORTING_MALLOC=0 ") at Error
at jsStackTrace (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/....js.gz:2:16334)
at stackTrace (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/....js.gz:2:16505)
at abort (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...rk.js.gz:2:748)
at abortOnCannotGrowMemory (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/....js.gz:2:17585)
at _sbrk (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[96228]:0x1e82741)
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95304]:0x1e532aa
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95327]:0x1e54684
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95324]:0x1e542fd
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95321]:0x1e53f66
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95444]:0x1e59fad
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[95443]:0x1e59f4f
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[94270]:0x1e2834a
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[94503]:0x1e31c05
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[94248]:0x1e27b53
at dynCall_ii (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[96251]:0x1e8296e)
at Object.dynCall_ii (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...js.gz:2:514740)
at invoke_ii (https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...js.gz:2:344059)
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[93565]:0x1e05f07
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[5505]:0x29e641
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[5503]:0x29e460
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[11006]:0x49031c
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[10997]:0x48fae4
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13770]:0x5ff045
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13768]:0x5fe5b0
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13767]:0x5fe22b
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13752]:0x5fd962
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13750]:0x5fd214
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[13965]:0x615206
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[14956]:0x66b243
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[63075]:0x1636415
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[63074]:0x1636399
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[60298]:0x15a29c3
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[34223]:0xee9b6b
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[34221]:0xee9a2d
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[34209]:0xee8cf6
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[43982]:0x11b01ae
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[40698]:0x10c8878
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[84662]:0x1ba9689
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[41340]:0x10ee2de
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[33739]:0xecbf6b
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[41335]:0x10edb7a
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27619]:0xd78cea
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27618]:0xd78ae5
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27626]:0xd791c4
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27962]:0xd9be52
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27961]:0xd9bb4c
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[27960]:0xd9baf9
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[42841]:0x1149355
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[31928]:0xe64a90
at https://cdn.slashkey.com/flash/farm/...:wasm-function[35545]:0xf494ac
2021-01-13 20:01:08.993 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.002 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.011 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.019 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.028 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.036 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.046 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.056 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.067 ERROR
2021-01-13 20:01:09.075 ERROR
Old Jan 13 2021, 03:43 PM
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Default Cannot run game.

USER ID number ( 100003283609276

Black screen with white Unity logo.

2021-01-13 20:41:24.432 INFOCheckpoint-B-000 - Initialized
2021-01-13 20:41:24.433 LOGFT Client Services Inited.
2021-01-13 20:41:24.437 LOGSessionId: 131541
Browser: unknown: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_13_6) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/13.1.2 Safari/605.1.15
WebGL Supported and Enabled. Type: WebGL 1.0
GPU-Vendor: Intel Inc.
GPU-Renderer: Intel HD Graphics 3000 OpenGL Engine
2021-01-13 20:41:24.742 LOGWarning: Your browser does not support "WebGL 2.0" Graphics API, switching to "WebGL 1.0"
2021-01-13 20:41:48.428 LOGIndexedDB is not available. Data will not persist in cache and PlayerPrefs will not be saved.
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