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Old Jun 11 2022, 05:42 AM
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Default ISSUE: Gift sending/Train Boosting Issues 10 JUNE 2022

UPDATE 18th June 2022: Send Gifts and Returning Gifts has been enabled again.
Train boosts that have not expired or already been boosted you will have been noticing showing up in your Train Manager today.

15th June 2022 - The Send Gifts and Returning Gifts had been temporarily disabled due problems caused by the Facebook bug listed in red towards the bottom of this post

  • On the Send Gifts page OR if you try to send a requested gift seen on the Other Wall Requests page you will see this:

  • If you try to return an accepted gift from the My Requests page you will see this:

    In this case when you click on Cancel the message will disappear and the gifts you already accepted will still be showing up.

    If you have more gifts that you can accept just click on My Requests again to see them.


    When you send a train boost for one of your trains you will see the error message from Facebook. If you click on the OK at the bottom of that message your train boost should still be sent, but your friends will need to boost it from My Requests.

    Please try to remember to check My Requests for Train Boosts that your friends have sent to you as Train Boosts are currently NOT showing up in your Train Manager.

    You will also need to clear out the older train boosts in My Requests that you may have not seen when this issue started. Some may have an expired, already retuned home or have the already accelerated message.

    If you still have a considerable amount of gifts in that area you may need to accept/exchanges some gifts to be able to see any sent while you were not playing overnight until there are no gifts left or this issue is resolved.

  • You CAN still request ingredients as usual.
    For example if you required an ingredient that you could normally get from gifts like pork you could request ingredients to make something that needs port to make it. When your friends send the ingredients and you store them from your gift box, those ingredients will be added to your storge.

    Examples of requested ingredients and a requested gift that could be seen in the Other wall Requests.

    The ingredients to make 240 x Apfelstrudel OR the ingredients to make 120 x Austrian Roast Pork CAN be sent.

    You can send One ingredient request per friend in 12 hours.

    The request for a GIFT seawater bait can NOT be sent.

KNOWN ISSUE: Gift sending/Sending Boosts for your Trains 10 JUNE 2022

When trying to do one of the following this error is showing up from Facebook:

  • Sending a gift from the Send Gifts page and sending Gifts from the Send Gift page that show up on Other Wall Requests like Fuel Tanks and Gift Trees etc - Sending Gifts is now disabled temporarily

  • Returning Gifts after Accepting/Exchanging Gifts on My Requests - Returning gifts is now disabled temporarily

  • Sending Boosts to friends for your own Trains

The developers are already aware of the problem.

It does appear to be another Facebook issue and is affecting other games so we will have to wait for Facebook to resolve this.

We apologize for the inconveniences caused while everyone waits for this to be resolved.


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