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Old Feb 27 2024, 10:53 PM
rodkay1@bigpond.com rodkay1@bigpond.com is offline
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Fantastic to see unavailable option...well done. A lot of people will love this as typing to so many neighbours/buddies was a nightmare. Congrats on this feature.
Old Feb 27 2024, 10:54 PM
Taz D's Avatar
Taz D Taz D is offline
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Originally Posted by bluehair View Post
where is the avatar menu?
Hi bluehair,
You highlight and click on your avatar. That is the same menu you use to change your appearance or status.
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Post your problem or question here in the forums and we will gladly help you to solve it as quickly as we can.
Old Feb 27 2024, 11:36 PM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
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Thank you for all the fixes!!!!
Love the new facilities
Thank you for all the work you do
Always busy with something.
Old Feb 28 2024, 03:28 AM
macwinter macwinter is offline
Join Date: Jan 12 2010
Posts: 42

Thank you for the great update.
Old Feb 28 2024, 06:42 AM
Grumpy Old Man 1 Grumpy Old Man 1 is offline
Join Date: Dec 02 2010
Location: St Paul, Minnesota, United States
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:-) Thank you for the update! Put a smile on my face
Old Feb 28 2024, 06:43 AM
Jessesmom113 Jessesmom113 is offline
Join Date: Aug 12 2021
Location: Bowling Green Ohio
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Really appreciate all you hard work and dedication to the game. I especially appreciate the limiting of the repetitive expnsion and level posts! Happy Farming!
Old Feb 28 2024, 06:52 AM
Serenity Dilsworth Serenity Dilsworth is offline
Join Date: Mar 13 2009
Location: South Carolina, USA
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Default Brilliant!!!!

Especially love the new features that hide posts of empty farms on the wall, the red feature that lets folks know when you are away from Farm Town for an extended period of time. Only one post of farm land upgrades and new experience level reached, but am totally blown away by now 200 farmers instead of 150 on the wall. KUDOS!!!! Y'all rock!!

Serenity Dilsworth AKA Owl of Merrymeet Farms
Old Feb 28 2024, 07:40 AM
CeejayF CeejayF is offline
Join Date: Jul 18 2017
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Appreciate you!!! Thanks!
Old Feb 28 2024, 08:05 AM
Denise Dianna's Avatar
Denise Dianna Denise Dianna is offline
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Thanks to all at Slashkey for a great update to this game we all love. I especially appreciate the limits to "other wall requests".
so it goes,



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Old Feb 28 2024, 10:41 AM
barbara nixon barbara nixon is offline
Join Date: Apr 27 2010
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Default new game upgrades

love the hiding empty facilities, only one post of bragging rites. and everything else making the game more easy..thanks so much....
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