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Old Dec 26 2021, 08:27 AM
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Quests Last Step NOT showing the Facility Name

Fix released for this issue January 7th, 12:30PM. Reload the game to make sure you are in the current version.

Known Issue:
We are aware that the mouseovers on the last step of quests are no longer showing up once you have completed all the previous steps. That has been sent off to the developers to fix.

In the meantime while everyone waits for this to be fixed, there's a few things you can do yourself to find out where a product is produced or loaded.

There are many ways to find the information you need, we are just listing a some of them:

Moving forwards before you complete the previous steps you could mouseover the last step to see where that product is made or loaded and make a note of it.

If you forget or have already completed the previous steps, you can also search your storage for that product, you may have made it yourself or earned it by working friends facilities. Then you click on the ? on that product and use the menus and links you see to find where it's made or stocked.

OR: You can use the forum Game Guide. You do NOT need to be a member of the forum or logged into the forum to use it.
  1. Each Quest tells you at the top of that Quests window what product you have to Produce or Load in a facility. Make a note of what that product is and if it is a Produce Quest or a Load Quest.

  2. When you know what that product is you can use the forum Search this Thread tool to search in the Game Guide Chapter 13 to look for where it's made or stocked.

    For Produce Quests click on this link to be taken to Chapter 13.1 Production Facilities:

    For Load Quests click on this link to be taken to Chapter 13.2 Service Facilities:

  3. When you have clicked on one of those links near the top of that page there is a blue bar just above Tigers name.

  4. In that blue bar are several forum tools.

  5. You will see Search this Thread

  6. Click on it and a search box will open.

  7. Click on the search box and type in the name of the product you are producing or loading.

  8. Then click on Go to the right of that box.

  9. You will then be shown the post(s) containing the words you typed in the search box.

  10. Each of those posts has a link in the top of the box. Click on that link to be taken to that post.

    Remember some products can be used to make more than one item.
    Some products can be loaded into more than one service facility.
    Some products have common words used for other product names.
    When that happens and you've typed in more than one word, you will see more than one post listed when you click on Go so you may have to check more than one post to see the exact wording of what you are searching for.
    If you are not sure which facility it is, just use the names of he facilities the search shows you to look for that facility in the store and compare the picture of the facility to the picture of the facility in your own Quest.

Example of how to use the forums Search this Thread tool to search for Produce Venezuelan Lasagne:

Produce Venezuelan Lasagne. Produce means it's made in a Production facility so you click on the link for Chapter 13.1 Production Facilities to be taken to that Chapter of the Game Guide.... THEN for the rest of the steps follow the arrows in the picture below. They indicate what to click on when you get there and where to type in the search box.

Step 1 Click on Search this Thread
Step 2 Type the name of the product in the search box( this example is Venezuelan Lasagne) ONLY type one product name!
Step 3 Click on Go
Step 4 Click on the link at the top of the post shown.
Step 5 indicates that Venezuelan Lasagne is produced in the Venezuelan Restaurant and shows that item listed.

If you are still unable to find the facility you need and you are a member of the forum, you can post a request for help in the Help and Support Section.

Please remember the forum is NOT like Facebook chat and messaging that updates as soon as a reply is made, you will need to check the LAST page of the thread for any replies to your post.

This thread is CLOSED for posting it is just for your information!

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