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Old Oct 22 2019, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Dana1971 View Post
Just wondered because if someone has nothing in their super facility and they are only wanting to sell something, they stay Tan. Myself and others are only interested in the Super Facility items, plus they will be Tan and have nothing but items they want to sell. Gets so confusing on who you've clicked on and who you haven't. Would be great if the people who want to sell something were a different color.
Hi Dana1971,

Yes ,we have seen your other post about this, which is also in this thread and so have the developers. What is possible to do, and whether or not they can or will change it to be able to show you either one or the other as well as both, only they will know. What you might want to add to your post, for the developers, is why you do not want to participate or can not participate in selling to others what they are wanting in the regular section of the warehouse. I can think of a few reasons why someone might not want to or could not, but it's better if you say why yourself.
Old Oct 22 2019, 09:05 PM
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Hi all, there has been a new release tonight so I am closing this thread.
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