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Old Dec 17 2019, 03:33 PM
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Thank you very much everyone for your feedback on the new release and the new version of the game. I am now closing this thread.

If you require help with the game please post in Help and Support.
For feedback for the game post in General Feedback.
Ideas for the game post in Suggestions.
Need to find your post? Go to Where's my Post gone?

Click here to go to Decembers 2019 Release.

This is what we have noticed we have:
  • 10x10 EX Seeder
  • 10x10 EX HPP
  • New belts for products in some facilities.
  • 50x50 Land Upgrades for Farms 1 to 10 in their ORIGINAL Order.
  • More Options in the Super Neighbour Manager for you to set "Any crop by growth time" Example: Any 1 hour crop, Any 2 hour crop, Any 1 Day crop and so on, instead of just specific crop.
  • Storage Capacity bar top left of your Harvests & Products section of Storage.
    No new facilities yet.

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