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Old Mar 29 2018, 10:58 PM
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kimbee2 kimbee2 is offline
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Hi All! How about adding Frozen Rivers, in different shapes and sizes, with salmon in them. The would be nice to use with the frozen lake.
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Old Apr 01 2018, 09:15 AM
Hubble Hubble is offline
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Regarding the plan to improve your odds of winning due to your level of activity. I suggest that working your neighbors facilities count as well as the ones you post. I can post until I'm blue in the face, but it won't help unless someone actually works my facilities. So, the time I take to work the facilities of my neighbors should count towards my overall score. That way people are motivated to work the facilities of others and not just repeatedly post their own.
Thanks much for listening.

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Old Apr 02 2018, 04:46 PM
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sod farmer sod farmer is offline
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A suggestion for the facility manager.
Please add a view option to see either all facs or just one of each. Along with that add an option to expand or contract the view for any fac from a single (with no farm affiliation) to expanded - showing all facs with their affiliated farm (as we see them now).

With the number of facs available now, scrolling thru the list would be made much easier and faster if that were available.

Thank you
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Old Apr 06 2018, 09:15 AM
Conjetta Conjetta is offline
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Default Request Wall

For the past month, I have only been able to see posts for the past 10 hours and sometime even less. I am sure it's due to the fact that some of my neighbors post every hour or so. It also occurs when Farm Town releases new belt bonuses . Is there anyway of limiting the number of bonuses we can post in one day and the number of times we can post our facilities in one day? Facebook has also changed our wall posts so some of these don't even show up there. Please help.
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Old Apr 08 2018, 06:07 PM
redjade27 redjade27 is offline
Join Date: Aug 03 2009
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We need an increase in Salmon Cod and Squid production or water than is coins to fish for them. Also when are addtional bonuses being added for all crops Would love to see the basic ones corn rice, tomatoes wheat etc
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Old Apr 10 2018, 08:06 AM
Tinbender Tinbender is offline
Join Date: Jul 10 2009
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Default Farm stats

It would be really helpful if as a super neighbor we could use the farm stats of our neighbor to locate farms with ready crops to harvest. Would save a lot of time moving from farm to farm and waiting for the farm to load. This would decrease server time access as well.
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Old Apr 14 2018, 05:40 PM
mepj46 mepj46 is offline
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Default decrease footprint of shrubs

Please decrease the footprint of the 2 shrubs that take two spaces the way you did for the oaks and some other plants. It would greatly increase the space on the farm(s) they are on. I have enjoyed playing Farm Town since late 2009. Thank you for all the improvements that have been made in the game over the years.
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Old Apr 17 2018, 08:39 AM
msdragonfly msdragonfly is offline
Join Date: Jul 18 2009
Posts: 52

It would be nice if there could be a farm stat that showed all of the trees/flowers that are planted across all farms, other than having to check "what's ready " and having to go through each time slot and add them all up.
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Old Apr 18 2018, 11:49 AM
hurican hurican is offline
Join Date: Dec 18 2009
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Hi .......... after looking at the new release an seeing more facilities requireing the meats ..... aka .chicken, red meat, pork , an ham ...... there have been 6 new facilities added in the last 2 releases that require these items ... chicken an red meat are now supplying for 50 line items each ...... pork an ham are at 10 units per 30 mins ....... pork is now supplying for 40 items ....... not nearly enough ....... all these items need to have the productions rates increased ....... suggestion ....... come out with a new beef cow, meat chicken, lean hog, an meat mutton ........ make room in your semi trucks to add these items from the animals which are sold to us FC ....... therefore we can add at our own pace ..... this is so much more attractive than sittin here waitin for free gifts to load ....... which is time consuming an dangerous to viruses ....... love the game ...... ty for your hard work ........hagd
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Old Apr 19 2018, 06:56 AM
philhowell philhowell is offline
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as we are limited to 100 posts in farmtown wall requests,can we stop the posts for neighbourhood and completed quests from appearing on the wall.yes its great people are completing these and getting extra farmcash but nobody is going to click on them and sendthem more
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