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Default Browser Issues

As we get closer to Adobe ending support for flash and your browsers update you will find that the Chrome FarmTown Flash Enabler extension is no longer working.

The Farm Town Flash Enabler Extension is currently not working with Chrome Version 86.0.4240.75, some versions of Opera and has been intermittent in Edge browser as well.

When this happens in Chrome and Edge you will see a new message telling you to how to enable flash. However this usually means that the setting is only remembered while you have the browser open, so if you close the browser, the next time you open it, you will need to enable flash again. This is likely to also effect any other chrome based browsers and will likely end up happening with all the popular browsers.

Internet Explorer: Facebook are no longer supporting Internet Explorer. If you use that browser you will likely see a message telling you that and that they have redirected you to a simpler version of Facebook. If you try to load the game they will then either redirect you to Edge browser where you can load the game once you have allowed flash to run, or show you other browsers that are supported by Facebook that you could use for your device.

Edge: The latest Microsoft update to Edge browser is now not allowing flash to run every time for any specific site. You can now only allow it for the session. Each time you close Farm Town and reopen, or open a new tab to the game you will have to allow flash to run. This started with Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0

Facebook made security changes in the past that have caused Edge to not be able to send/return gifts or train boost requests and posting to Facebook, because the pop ups will not open to select who to send them to.

The popup are currently working in Edge Version 86.0.622.48 , but if the problems reoccur, there is nothing Farm Town can do to fix this, so the only recommendation we can make is to switch to another browser that works well on your device.

FIREFOX Version 70.0 - This version no longer allows flash to run for the browser session. Every time you load the game you will have to allow flash to run. If you need instructions you will find them in the link at the bottom of the this post.
UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 - VERSION 71.0 Firefox have changed this back again so now you only have to allow flash once for the session until you close and reopen the browser.

Safari: We have had reports from Mac computer users that when they try to open the Send Gifts or My Requests tabs then Safari will crash. The only recovery is to close and reopen Safari. We do not have any way to test this nor any solution for it except to use a different browser.

We have had a couple report back that it cleared up in Safari a couple days later, but there isn't any known reason why it fixes itself and this may not happen for everyone.

Another issue Safari has every now and then is that you will get an error message when trying to accept gifts. This usually means that cookies and pops have been blocked. In previous versions Safari have disabled permanently allowing those through and will only keep them for the session, so when you close and reopen the browser you have to allow them again.

If you are having either of these issues with Safari, all we can suggest is you check that cookies and popups are allowed in Safari and if that still does not work, you switch to using a different browser until the issue is resolved by Safari.

Apple has updated Safari and apparently disabled Flash player in it. You can re-enable it but the information we have is that it defaults back to disabled. For that reason, at this time the only thing we can suggest is to use another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

If you decide to switch to using another browser:
Please see the following post about how to allow flash to run and how to allow cookies and pop ups in the browser:
Flash Player and Cookies/Popup Set up


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