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Old Nov 30 2020, 10:26 PM
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WendyP57 WendyP57 is offline
Join Date: Aug 06 2014
Location: Adelaide South Australia
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Thanks for all the great new stuff
Old Nov 30 2020, 11:05 PM
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Sqrl Sqrl is online now
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Oooh, love the winter trees in gifts. And looking forward to not having to enable Flash every five minutes.
Old Nov 30 2020, 11:23 PM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
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Location: Belgium
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Thank you for the new facillities! Stay safe!
Always busy with something.
Old Nov 30 2020, 11:24 PM
texans texans is offline
Join Date: Aug 22 2012
Posts: 130

When can we expect a Turbo Semi, Turbo Bee Farm and Turbo Fish Farming Plant? The Sawmill is great and Metal Mill, but I'd have like to have seen these before the last 2. I guess I'll have to be patient for next time....Thank you for the hard work on HTML5! Hopefully it becomes smooth, FYI I'd love to put those first three I mentioned on all farms
Old Dec 01 2020, 01:57 AM
hilda jean ellis hilda jean ellis is offline
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Join Date: Nov 27 2009
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thank you Raul and team for the update
Old Dec 01 2020, 02:58 AM
cbr_gal cbr_gal is offline
Join Date: Dec 01 2012
Location: Ireland
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Many thanks All for your hard work.
Old Dec 01 2020, 03:03 AM
Walkies Walkies is offline
Join Date: Feb 07 2015
Posts: 61

thanks very much for the update and the latest migration news! I don't have any idea of what is involved but I understand this is an enormous task and I know you've been working on it for a long time. Huge round of applause to you all!!!
I would especially like to thank the person(s) who produced the instructions to click icon - click allow - click x - click reload. So straightforward and easy to follow!
Old Dec 01 2020, 04:24 AM
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kikarne kikarne is offline
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Default New Format...

Many thanks for the updates..

I wish you well with the change to html and hope things go smoothly.. is it possible to freeze farms should there be a delay because every other time we have lost coins (late on collection)... Quests (late to complete) and crops ++ also because of time..

Many thankls once again for a fun game.
Old Dec 01 2020, 06:05 AM
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Location: UK but i'd rather be somewhere hot and sunny :) with a swimming pool!
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Thanks very much Raul and Team
Old Dec 01 2020, 07:13 AM
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peekachoo peekachoo is offline
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Thank you Raul and all the team for the update. I'm looking forward to a flash free game so good luck with the transition. Stay safe now !
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