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Old May 03 2017, 03:27 AM
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Default New Release -- May 3rd, 2017

See Known Issues, More Information and Post Release Updates at the end of this post. Last changes released on May 23rd, 6:20PM.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following new features and bug fixes: En Español AQUI

1. 10 Mothers Day items: 3 as gifts, 6 on the top of the Mothers Day category in the store and 1 at them bottom.

2. 44 x 44 Farm expansions for farms 11 to 20: 25,000,000,000 coins or 30 farm cash each.

3. Belt and Dans for the next 10 facilities: Scout Supplies Factory, Puerto Rican Restaurant, Polish Restaurant, Hat Factory, Appliance Parts Factory, Restaurant Supplies Factory, Vietnamese Restaurant, Learning Toys Factory, Cajun Restaurant and Storm Supplies Factory.

4. Regular Harvester, Plower and Combine Harvest-Plow 18 x 18 (FC): If you already own their 16 x 16 versions, then you can buy these regular crop tools and work on 324 crop fields at a time.

Note: To buy these tools you *do not* need to own any of the extended mode crop tools.

5. Harvester Ex and Combine Harvest-Plow Ex 7 x 7 with extended mode support (FC): These crop tools will work all fields in a squared area the size of 7x7 fields using the new faster method of farming, only highlighting a fixed squared section of the farm.

The main benefit of these tools is for working up to 784 partially overlapped fields at once. Overlapping fields is still not officially supported but if you do it on your farms or work on other players farms that do overlap fields, these new set of tools will enable a much faster farming.

Note: To buy these tools you *do not* need to own any of the regular crop tools 18x18. However, say you are using a Combine Harvest-Plow Ex of any size, if you switch to the highlight mode and you also own the regular Combine Harvest-Plow 18 x 18, then that's the Combine that will be selected instead of the regular Combine Harvest-Plow 16 x 16.

6. Easier to know which tools are required to buy another tool in the Store: When a tool X is locked because of required items that are still not owned, instead of just hiding the 'Buy' button we are now showing an 'Unlock' button. This 'Unlock' button will remove all tools from the screen and display only those tools required to buy the tool X. If any of those required tools is also locked because of other required items still not owned, the same thing will happen, an Unlock button will appear and so on.

This way you can drill down and back (using the Back button on the top) and navigate the full required items structure for any tool.

7. Significantly reduced container preparation time for all ships based on the amount of total dispatched ships in the past 7 days, for example:

If you have dispatched a total of 2 ships in the last 7 days the container times for:

Cargo Ship Blue will be 36 minutes instead of 60 minutes
Cargo Ship Yellow will be 27 minutes instead of 45 minutes

If you have dispatched a total of 6 ships in the last 7 days the container times for:

Cargo Ship Blue will be 6 minutes instead of 60 minutes
Cargo Ship Yellow will be 4.5 minutes instead of 45 minutes

To check how exactly the container times for each ship varies based on the amount of dispatched ships, click the ? sign in the container currently being prepared.

8. Other Improvements:

a) Added a new 'Total Price' sort in the Storage and Market screens.
b) When buying a farm cash tool X that require owning a previous tool Y, if the Y tool is currently on a farm and not in storage, it will still be detected and the Store will show a 'Buy' button for the tool X.
c) Released more optimizations for all crop tools, including extend and highlight mode (released 2 weeks ago)

9. New Anchovy fish: You can catch this new fish in the Small Sea Coast and use it in the Italian Restaurant.

10. Italian Restaurant (FC): Produces Italian Food.

Pizza Capricciosa
Gnocchi with Pesto
Mushroom Risotto
Spaghetti Puttanesca
Chicken Marsala
Ossobuco Milanese

New product used as ingredient: Anchovies

11. Cargo Port Supplies Factory (Coins): Produces Cargo Port Supplies.

Container Locking Bars
Port Cargo Net
Mooring Post
Cone Fender
Crane Hook
Crane Ladder
Crane Counterweight
Crane Master Control

12. FTown Landscaping Services (FC): Provides Landscaping Services and can be stocked with products from the Landscaping Supplies Factory.

13. Cargo Port (Coins): Provides Cargo Port Services and can be stocked with products from the Cargo Port Supplies Factory.



Post-Release Updates - May 3rd, 11:50PM

- There has been some complications in the release of the new tools, we expect to release them soon, most likely tomorrow.

Post-Release Updates - May 4th, 9:09PM

- We have found additional complications with the release of the new tools, we expect to release them in the next few days.

Post-Release Updates - May 9th, 9:00PM

- Release the pending tools:

1.Regular Harvester, Plower and Combine Harvest-Plow 18 x 18
2.Harvester Ex and Combine Harvest-Plow Ex 7 x 7 with extended mode support

See more info in the release post above.

Note: The regular Combine Harvest-Plow 18x18 is right above the regular red Combines 16x16 in the toolbox.
The regular Harvester 18x18 is right above the regular red Harvester 16x16 in the toolbox. The other 3 tools are in their expected positions in the toolbox.

Post-Release Updates - May 10th, 6:00PM

Bugfix: The EX tools are not being selected automatically when working as a super neighbor or a hire from the market, instead the 16x16 or 18x18 are being selected.

Post-Release Updates - May 16th, 9:10PM

- Significantly reduced container preparation times for all ships based on how many total ships you have dispatched in the last 7 days. See more information in the release post above.

Note that the dispatched ships will start counting starting today.

- Released an optimization that will cause the game to consume less memory so you will be able to navigate more farms without experiencing Flash crashes. Many more optimizations coming in the next weeks.

Post-Release Updates - May 18th, 3:10PM

Bugfix: After loading the game, the container ready notification from a previously dispatched ship was appearing continuously. This should start working correctly once you prepare your next container or dispatch your next ship.

Post-Release Updates - May 18th, 11:30PM

- We had severe server emergencies in the afternoon, everything should be back to normal now.

- It's possible that the issue with the containers time to be reset back to the original times because the ship dispatch history was lost for the past 2 days may have been related to the server issue above but we are not sure of this. If you dispatched a ship again after May 18, 11:30 PM, and suddenly this ship dispatch date disappear from the dispatch date list, please report it on this thread.

Post-Release Updates - May 23rd, 6:20PM

BugFix: Reduced container preparation times in ships is working again based on the amount of ships dispatched in the last 7 days.

Known Issues:

- The zoom in and out using the mouse wheel is not working on the latest update of the Chrome browser when in full screen mode. It should work when you are not in full screen mode or when you click on the + and - icons in the bottom panel. We hope they fix this issue quickly, as it's also happening on other games in facebook.

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oh wow thanks
Old May 03 2017, 03:37 AM
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Thanks Dev Team!!
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Thank you!
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Thanks Raul!
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Thanks Raul - need distractions today - perfect

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FYI preparation time for yellow ship is currently 45 minutes NOT 30 minutes LOL
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Thanks. Now how about adding at least one dish that uses those poor neglected Brussel Sprouts? And it sure would be nice if we could sort Tools for 'not owned'.
Old May 03 2017, 06:14 AM
JohnAlbertini JohnAlbertini is offline
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Useless tools! 18x saves no time compared to 18x tools. Will not be buying! Takes as many clicks for 18x as 16x.
Old May 03 2017, 06:58 AM
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Thank you for the new goodies!
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