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Old Jun 08 2019, 08:46 AM
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Default Puffin browser - iPads, tablets and mobiles

Although Farm Town is not officially supported for playing on iPads, tablets and mobiles we are aware that users do like to do this using Puffin Web Browser Pro (paid version) or Puffin Web Browser (free version).

To be clear: Slashkey recommends you play Farm Town using a laptop or a computer using a browser that will allow flash player to run. The game is still in the process of being moved away from flash onto a newer and more resilient platform but this is no small task and will take time.

Apple device users, both iPads and mobiles, will have already come across problems, on and off, using Puffin to play since around the start of this year.

Puffin have now announced the following regarding iOS and Puffin:

Puffin Web Browser and Puffin Academy will be discontinued on October 1, 2019

This will affect iPad and apple mobile users using the Puffin Web Browser (free version) from October 1st. They will attempt to keep Puffin pro (paid version) running for a short while longer, however they have not stated an end date for that and there very well could be further problems which may result in it not being available sooner.

UPDATE: Puffin free no longer works for iPads or iPhone. Although Puffin Pro is still working, it is no longer supported and there will be no more bug fixes for it, so that one will likely also be discontinued. As Puffin are no longer supporting these browsers don't be surprised if they stop working or should you have to re-install it or put it on another iOS device, that it no longer works.

Some iPad and iPhone users are using Puffin FB for the game, which is free, but it has no access to the keyboard and there are reports that some games can not gift with it, at the moment gifting on Farm Town is working on it so we hope it stays that way.

Safari iPadOS is available to use on Ipads, but we do not know if it is free, or will work on iPhones. We are not aware of any issues using this one for playing Farm Town on iPads at this time.

February 2020 UPDATE: Puffin are now saying that they may also discontinue Puffin Pro for Android devices. Those browsers are no longer being supported and no bug fixes will be done should they happen, but they are still working for now.

Android users can use PuffinFB to play FT, at the time of this update it was free to get from the Play Store, gifting was possible but there was no access to the keyboard for things like chat or messages. You may need to click on an old Farm Town post to get to the game as they don't have the bookmarks for games like Farm Town over on the left side.

Puffin Pro (paid version) is still working on Android devices.

If you decide to look for another flash browser compatible with your mobile device you also need to take the following into consideration:
  • To be able to get to Farm Town you need to be able to log into the FULL version of Facebook NOT the Mobile Version where you can not play the game.

    The mobile versions don't have the bookmarks for games like Farm Town on the left side. If you're in a mobile version of Facebook, you could try clicking on one of your old Farm Town posts to get to the game, but don't be surprised if that doesn't work as it won't with a lot of them. If you can get to the game via a mobile version, it may not have keyboard access in the game, so you can't use things like chat or send messages.

    • If you are in the Full version of Facebook you will see in the browser address bar www.facebook.com.

    • If you tried to log in there and it redirected you to the mobile version of Facebook, in the browser address bar you will see m.facebook.com

  • The browser must not only be capable of running flash player and NOT block cookies/popups but it must also be compatible with Facebook. If you try to log into the FULL version of Facebook and it is a browser they do not like, you will be told it is an unsupported browser and redirected to their "Improve Your Experience" page. It looks like this at the moment:

    Currently this only lists a few browsers even though many more will work for Facebook than what it offers you. Just because they list them does not mean they will be able to load a flash based game like Farm Town on any type of mobile device. You won't know until you try loading the game if it will work.

    The current list of what browsers Facebook say will work best you can find in their Help Centre when you ask "What web browsers does Facebook support?" Again, this does not mean the listed browsers will work for playing flash games on any mobile device.

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