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Old Feb 09 2020, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by FarmerTonia View Post
Hi there!! I am new to posting on here....so here we go. I have been losing Fuel for months now. Have 40 fields and all have a refinery and pump. My xp is 3.9 billion. I have never had this problem before. I store my fuel & check back ….and everything in my fuel storage is gone !! Even went as far as selling all of my facilities :-( PLEASE SOMEONE HELP !!!! I HAVE CLEARED COOKIES , ETC. Thanks so much ~ Farmer Tonia
my email is (email removed for safety) or Farmer Tonia Combine
Hi Tonia,
I have checked your data and where your fuel is going is to work you are doing when hired. When you are hired there are 3 different settings the employer can choose for fuel. They can either allow you to use their fuel first, use their fuel last, or not allow you to use their fuel.
You have done a huge amount of jobs just to day and that has used up the amount of fuel you got when you refilled today. You are not losing fuel, but are using it at a rate that you can not replace it even with 40 refineries.

Selling all your facilities doesn't help this as the facilities do not use that much of the fuel. The harvesting and seeding take more than loading your facilities and cashing out of them specially if you are hiring out and they make you use your own fuel. EDIT: I have noticed that you did have 11 gas stations and if you were filling them with fuel tanks then that could be where a lot of your fuel went too. One gas staion will use the same amount of fuel tanks that one refinery produces.

With 40 refineries being fed by 40 oil pumps you are not going to be able to fill 100% every refinery to make fuel tanks.

The only way you are going to build your fuel back up to be able to run your own farms is to only take a hire if they allow you to use their fuel first. Additionally lower the number of refineries you are filling to about 10 then when you fill your refineries and any facilities you still have post them out for your neighbors to work.
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