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Old Mar 04 2010, 10:42 AM
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Default Can we "freeze" flowers?

Yes you can. If you want to freeze a flower at a particular stage of growth and/or do not want them harvested you can freeze them. Click on a flower and choose " Freeze Growth" from the menu. To Unfreeze a flower, click on the flower and choose "Unfreeze Growth".

However flowers will still die if not watered, but they will return to their glory in the first water once they've died. This means you can always bring back dead flowers by simply re-watering them!

Note: Irrigating rather than watering a frozen flower can revert the growth process to the beginning again and they will have to regrow.

It is also possible to freeze flowers in bulk, rather than one by one, with the Flower Freezer- Unfreezer Tool. You will find details on this tool in the following post . .

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Old Mar 24 2010, 10:41 AM
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Default I find it difficult to plow and harvest the fields that are near the flowers. Why?

When you plow or seed your fields, and your flowers are close to them, you may find they are in the way.

You can hide your flowers. There are several ways to do this.

Method 1. To hide them all...
This is your preferences icon which you will find top right of your game screen. Click on it and it will open to a window where you can change your game settings.

To hide your flowers remove the check mark from "Show Flowers" and click the green check mark to save. Your flowers will then be hidden. When you want to show them again just add the check mark back to "Show Flowers" and click the green check mark again to save.

Method 2. To hide perhaps a small section of flowers....
You can use the Hide Tool in your Yellow Toolbox (looks like a closed eye) Click on the tool to pick it up then click each flower to hide it. NOTE: This tool will hide anything you click on so be careful not to click something you did not intend to hide.

Method 3. To hide one flower or all of a specific flower...

You can click on each individual flower and use the "Hide" option from the menu that opens, to hide a flower or all of a specific flower.

When you have used either methods 2 or 3 to hide your flowers and you want to see them again....
If you only have one farm, you need to click on "Play" to reload your game and the hidden flowers will show back up.

If you have 2 farms or or more you can refresh your farm instead of clicking on "Play" to reload the whole game. In this case you will see a green grid top left of your game screen titled "SHOW NAMES". Underneath that, each of the rectangles represents one of your farms. The one that is coloured yellow represents the farm you are currently on, click on it and it will reload that farm. If you find the rectangle too small, hover over that grid and it will expand so you can see it easier and have a bigger rectangle to click on. Or you can click on "SHOW NAMES" and it will show you a big window listing all your farms. Just click on the name of the farm you want to refresh or go to.

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In which facilities can the flowers be used?

This is a list of flowers and where they can be used
  • African Daisy - unlocks at Level 112 - Flower stand
  • Bird of Paradise - unlocks at level 42 - flower shop
  • Blue Hyacinth - unlocks at level 40 - flower shop
  • Blue Hydrangea - unlocks at Level 106 - Landscaping Supplies Factory, wedding supplies factory
  • Bush Anemone - unlocks at level 82 - parade float
  • Carnation - unlocks at level 09 - funeral supplies factory
  • Chocolate Cosmos - unlocks at Level 92 - parade float
  • Chrysanthemums - unlocks at level 100 - flower stand
  • Cornflower - unlocks at level 84 - Flower stand
  • Daffodil - unlocks at level 34 - Flower stand
  • Daisy - unlocks at level 48 - Landscaping supplies factory
  • Daylily - unlocks at level 118 - Landscaping supplies factory
  • Forget Me Not - unlocks at level 38 - flower shop
  • Glads - Gift only - funeral supplies factory
  • Gerber Daisy - unlocks at level 66 - parade float
  • Iris - unlocks at level 46 - essential oils factory
  • Jasmine - unlocks at level 126 - scented candle factory
  • Lady Slippers - unlocks at level 60 - flower stand
  • Ladys Mantle - unlocks at level 120 - parade float
  • Lantana - unlocks at level 124 - parade float
  • Lillies - unlocks at level 29 - Flower stand
  • Lisianthus - unlocks at level 86 - parade float
  • Lupine - unlocks at level 56 - Flower stand
  • Marigold - unlocks at level 12 - flower shop, tea factory
  • Orange Lily - unlocks at level 88 - funeral supplies factory
  • Orange Marigold - unlocks at level 44 - Holiday Decor Factory
  • Orange Poppy - unlocks at level 25 - parade float
  • Osiria Rose - unlocks at level 110 - parade float
  • Pansy - unlocks at level 50- Landscaping Supplies Factory
  • Petunia - unlocks at Level 104 - Landscaping Supplies Factory
  • Pink Rose - unlocks at level 62 - essential oils factory, herbal tea factory, tea factory, spa supplies factory, turkish restaurant, scented candle factory, flavored water factory, wedding supplies factory
  • Pink Zinnia - unlocks at level 54 - Flower stand
  • Poppy Anemone - unlocks at level 74 - Flower stand
  • Purple Orchid - unlocks at level 76 - funeral supplies factory
  • Prickly Pear Cactus - unlocks at level 116 - mexican restaurant
  • Ranunculus - unlocks at level 102 - parade float
  • Red Ginger - unlocks at level 68 - parade float
  • Red Poppy - unlocks at level 23 - flower shop
  • Red Rose - unlocks at level 32 - flower shop
  • Tulips - unlocks at level 18 - flower shop
  • Violets - unlocks at level 58 - essental oils factory
  • White Carnation - unlocks at level 17 - flower shop
  • White Rose - unlocks at level 14 - flower shop, wedding supplies factory
  • Yellow Lilies - unlocks at level 22 - flower shop
  • Yellow Poppy - unlocks at level 26 - Flower stand
  • Yellow Rose - unlocks at Level 108 - Landscaping Supplies factory

This is a list of flowers that are not currently used in any facility
  • Allium Globemaster - unlocks at Level 122
  • Bromeliad - unlocks at Level 94
  • Calla Lily - unlocks at level 80
  • Crown of Thorns - unlocks at level 01
  • Lotus - unlocks at level 128
  • Peruvian Lily - unlocks at level 72
  • Pink Tulips - unlocks at level 20
  • Pom Pom Dahlia - unlocks at level 78
  • Purple Crocus - unlocks at level 19
  • Purple Hyacinth - unlocks at level 24
  • Queen of the Night - unlocks at level 96
  • Red Crocus - unlocks at level 27
  • Sandersonia - unlocks at level 90
  • Sedum Autumn Joy - unlocks at level 98
  • Water Lily - unlocks at level 114
  • Wax Begonia - unlocks at level 78
  • Wild Mix - unlocks at level 52
  • Zinnia - unlocks at level 36

This is a list of flowers that are GIFTS which are not currently used in any facility
  • NONE

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