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Old Oct 24 2023, 04:13 PM
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Default Question about transferring farms

Hi, I haven't played for years and I was thinking about starting it up again. Then I discovered that its no longer on FB. Games are much better without that imo.
Anyways. I sent an email to see if I could recover my farm. Sent the profile as requested but concerned as they want my FB login and password to access it.
Its drummed into us to never give out our log ins for ANY site. Not just FB. So why can they not transfer it without having complete access to my account?
I will be honest, I am unlikely to proceed. I did buy real money items but I am not comfortable giving my log in. Nobody else seems to have questioned it though?
I did look to see if I could find out why before I posted but couldn't find a thing.
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link email, login

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