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Old Oct 12 2011, 11:25 PM
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Arrow Fishing and Bait


This thread is for help with problems with Fishing.Please read the following information BEFORE posting in this thread. Thank you.
Before posting a general question please check the Game Guide :
Chapter 19 - Fishing
Fishing Boats

Common problems....

Stubborn fish when using the single fishing pole.
The less fish in the water, the harder it gets. Click on the yellow diamond in the farm selector to reload the farm you are on. It will reload the farm and spread the fish back out again making them easier to catch. If you are hired to fish you will not lose the hire by doing this.

Overlapped waters being hard to fish.
How a farmer designs their farms and the waters on them is entirely up to them. You will find fishing overlapped waters much easier if you own the Turbo boat. Fishing waters off the edges of the farms can only be done with the Turbo boats.

Storing bait.
When you store bait from your gift box, use "Store Ingredients" to store them to waters.

Gifted bait, bait from your fish farming plant and any bonuses you get from posting your own bait bonus gets stored with waters.
The exception to this rule is any bait you send to a friend when you click on their bonus post, your share goes to storage, which you can use to stock the Fishing Tackle shop if you own one or just sell at market.

Losing bait.
If you own the Fishing Tackle shop, you could be loading a lot of it into there for sale. Either do not load the bait into there, or if you have the load tool for that facility, go to the facility, open it and remove the checks from the boxes for freshwater and seawater bait.

All of topic posts will be deleted without warning. This thread is for help and support only. All feedback/suggestions need to be made in the feedback and suggestions area

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