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Old Feb 14 2020, 06:11 AM
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Default Error when working posts from Friends Timelines FEB 2020

Facebook recently changed the way you view posts on a timeline. When you have the new version, the Farm Town posts are distorted, you can't read the full description and if you are trying to work from a post on a friends timeline, when you click on the post you get a Facebook error. Here's an example of the new look:
At the moment we do not know if this is a permanent change or they are just trying it out with some users.

It is still possible to work a friends posts from their timeline but the method to to it is rather clunky. Using My Requests, even if at times like now, you have to check there more often due to the amount of bonuses being posted is much easier.

If you have reason to have to go to a friends timeline to work their posts, when you have the new version, this is what you need to do to work them:
  1. Go to their timeline.
  2. Every post has a date or time showing just under that friends name on the post.
    When it's a Farm Town post it also has "Farm Town" showing next to that date/time.
  3. Click on the date/time and it will show you just that post the normal way and you can work it however you chose.

However, if you need to click on more than one of their posts, this is when it gets long winded and tedious:
Go to their timeline
  1. Click on the date/time under their name on the FT post so it will open the single view.
  2. To work that post:
    • either click on the description, NOT the picture, so it will open it in a new tab,
    • or hover your mouse over the post and then right click your mouse and select "open in a new tab".
  3. When you are done, go back to the tab with the view of the single post in it and then click on their name to go back to their timeline in order to find another of their posts, then repeat the process all over again.

If you are going people timelines to work FT posts for perhaps only a few friends, you might be better off creating a Facebook friends list with just those friends in it, and then use the list to filter your news feed to just their posts. It will show all their posts not just FT posts but at least you will be able to work them the normal way than what you have to do with the new version of timelines.

If you need instructions on how to create a Facebok Friends list and use it click on this link : Creating a Facebook Friends List for Farm Town


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