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Old Mar 06 2019, 05:36 PM
pete5560 pete5560 is offline
Join Date: Aug 23 2012
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with all the farms, it would be less tedious if we had tools like the manure spreader which would let us select a farm or all to harvest fish, flowers, trees or chop treees with just a few clicks without having to go to each farm. or it could be connected with the crop tool so that all can be done in one pass
the trains should have a station like the ships have a seaport again to reduce time loading each farm
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Old Mar 21 2019, 02:37 PM
matrix1272's Avatar
matrix1272 matrix1272 is offline
Join Date: Aug 16 2010
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I would like to have more (Bigger) Combine Ex, with all the Farms and the bigger size we could sure use them. Thanks

Farming Since Oct. 2009
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Old Apr 26 2019, 04:56 PM
dleenorris dleenorris is offline
Join Date: Jun 09 2011
Posts: 50
Default Tool for Ponds

Would like to see a tool that would move water items like the ones used to move trees and flowers. Takes so much time when expanding farms to move those ponds one at a time! Thank you.
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Old Apr 27 2019, 04:09 PM
AnnaWalls AnnaWalls is offline
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Join Date: Sep 13 2009
Posts: 89

I'd love to see the multi-planter be more versatile. When I use my seed planter, I don't necessarily have to click on an empty field, I can click on already planted fields and those unplanted plots fill up just fine. It would be awesome if the multi-planter would function the same way. I plant my trees every other space between rows of crops. The checkerboard design would help me do that perfectly, but the planter requires the entire space to be clutter free. Why can't it highlight what will fit and not the rest? An alternative to that would be more and different designs to chose from rather than just whatever within a square.
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Old May 12 2019, 06:05 PM
lucy503 lucy503 is offline
Join Date: Dec 10 2016
Posts: 7

It would be nice if we could use coins instead of farmcash to purchase machinery. it takes soooo long to accumulate the farmcash to buy bigger machinery like plows etc...i need to get bigger plows etc but don't have enough farmcash and am not going to use real money to buy more for a game when i usually have tons of coins that i should be able to use..i don't really need any more farms but i buy them when i get tons and tons of coins to be able to bump up the farmcash when the updates happen and then can only get one item until the next update on levels..or at least have a coin/farmcash option

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Old May 12 2019, 10:00 PM
Jan Edwards Jan Edwards is offline
Join Date: Aug 13 2010
Posts: 57

Need for the purple hand to be able to "bring forward" or "bring back" items. Example: place the new rock wall on a field, the rock wall needs to come forward instead of being eaten by the field. So the whole fence is seen.
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Old May 14 2019, 12:16 PM
Mammoth357 Mammoth357 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 24 2009
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Default Plant All farms at same time

I would simply like to be able to plant ALL my farms at the same time. So say I have 30 farms and I want to plant them ALL with Chia...I want to do a few clicks and have them all planted with chia. I no longer have time to go to all 30 farms and seed them all separately. It takes way too much time. TY!
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Old May 24 2019, 07:30 AM
nettie1212 nettie1212 is offline
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Join Date: Aug 17 2009
Posts: 84

new tree tool required- a tool that will harvest and chop at once
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Old May 26 2019, 11:12 PM
james_a_thompson james_a_thompson is offline
Join Date: Mar 11 2011
Posts: 51
Default Handicapped plowing

Please consider adding an "Undo" function or allow overlapping the borders of a farm when plowing (see attached). I have early onset Parkinson's Syndrome and it is getting harder and harder for me to make straight lines and join plowed sections. Thank-you.
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Old Jun 10 2019, 12:47 PM
Luscious Linda Luscious Linda is offline
Join Date: Jun 14 2009
Location: Essex,England
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Default Facility chains manager

I find it so time consuming doing the Facility chains can you please make a tool to export and import from all the neighbours chains .
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