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Old Oct 01 2018, 04:46 AM
mattie van tonder mattie van tonder is offline
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PLEASE cant we be awarded some more FC?? without the quests which you fail not having the needed fac's, you have to wait 9 months to buy a set of 2, not very rewarding - and the tools - why cant it be bought with coins or made less expensive, dont want to rant but most of us playing the game is retired and on fixed income.

Many are leaving because of new things like FCC bringing in only coins and NCC where you have to have FC fac's or end up 10th like me. If I have 1 FC fac I end up 9th and win a banana LOL.

We also feel that the train cars and ships can be upgraded to bring more relevant and new ingredients instead of just churning out more facilities needing new ingredients.

Regards (been playing for more yrs I can count since the very beginning and treading water)
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Old Oct 15 2018, 09:26 PM
dove1964 dove1964 is offline
Join Date: Jul 15 2012
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Default Can we please buy experience points...please

You can make then expensive...I played everyday and my sister who played with me died of stage 4 colon cancer and my life took a turn for the worse I could not play for over a month now i am so far behind...I would gladly spend 100's of dollars to regain my position. PLEASE TAKE THIS REQUEST SERIOUSLY...Thanks Laurianne Kobzeff

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Old Nov 03 2018, 12:46 AM
drr30 drr30 is offline
Join Date: Sep 01 2011
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Default Coins for farm cash facilty

What I would like to see is when you level out once a month you get to by a farm cash facility for coins. This could be any facility as long as you own one purchased with farm cash. A good example is the oil refinery I have 10 and still can't produce enough fuel and all 10 are running at capacity. If could buy Even 2 or 3 more If could solve my fuel problem .
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Old Nov 14 2018, 02:52 PM
lburn11's Avatar
lburn11 lburn11 is offline
Join Date: Feb 12 2015
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There are many of my friends and neighbours that have billions of coins, why not allow them to gift coins to their friends/neighbours as they will never be able to spend what they have in coins?
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Old Nov 28 2018, 07:41 AM
machamo machamo is offline
Join Date: Aug 20 2011
Posts: 17
Default coins

I have been playing a long time and have accumulated just under 4 trillion coin and am starting to feel stagnated on what I can do with them. I was wondering if there would be a way to allow a farmer to lease, for coin, property on a neighbor's farm to place high demand facilities, @ fish farms, with a % split between the 2 farmers. This could be expanded to leasing the entire farm for all duties.
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Old Nov 28 2018, 08:42 AM
JohnAlbertini JohnAlbertini is offline
Join Date: Oct 08 2010
Posts: 573

My complaint is I have many times the XP needed for the max Level/FC. Wish those XP were worth SOMETHING rather than having to wait three months to get a measly 25 and still having MANY times the XP needed. Defeats all motivation to keep playing. I have many FC tools and facilities I'd like to buy but no FC available to use. I use all my coins for buying and expanding my farms as I already own every COIN tool and facility.

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Old Jan 02 2019, 11:24 PM
Patricia_B2009 Patricia_B2009 is offline
Join Date: Sep 11 2009
Location: Magee MS
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What about Lowering the prices of the land, because we do not get much as it is and for the price whoa some don't even make any sense.... smaller land is more than the higher size etc. and in the billions for a small piece of land.... come on guys give us a break.... and when we do quests we shouldn't have to pay with out FC only coins....
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Old Feb 03 2019, 07:32 PM
katintn katintn is offline
Join Date: Aug 29 2009
Posts: 34

FC SUGGESTION.... offer xp's for completing all of the Super Facility in the week. If you get rid of all product each day and end of week offer XP's. sounds like its easy to get rid of BUT .... many are still saying NO to free stuff in Market... pretty sure it is cuz they are there actually selling they product to Tom, maybe a different market for Super facillity... don't know.... its sometimes even hard disposing daily with neighbors.... so farm i've had facility with 9 items... i can get the first 5 gone simply, but then it gets hard to catch neighbors online, or they also are doing something else and either don't answer or answer no... a couple days I did lose product, cuz it was just too frustrating to keep at it, when you have other things to do also...
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Old Feb 20 2019, 11:28 PM
dleenorris dleenorris is offline
Join Date: Jun 09 2011
Posts: 50

When I go to work on one of my SN farms, i would like to see how many coins of theirs I am spending. We see their EXP points, but not how many coins they have. Some of the people I design for by putting ponds on their farms. I don't want to spend all of their coins. Thank you for your hard work.
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Old Feb 21 2019, 01:52 AM
dleenorris dleenorris is offline
Join Date: Jun 09 2011
Posts: 50

We need new and faster ways to earn FC. Currently, the Quests are the only way. In order to get 2FC a week, you have to be on FT almost all day long. At most, I can earn 8 FC a month. With all the new FC facilities that are being put out there, one can't even purchase 1 Facility. I do spend real money for FC, but it would be nice if I were able to earn enough to buy at least one facility a month.
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