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Old May 05 2018, 01:09 PM
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Default Browser Issues

Flash Player is no longer needed for Farm Town.
Disable any extension that would change the way that Facebook want's you to view it. For example the one to revert Facebook to the old classic look is causing some of the problems where farmers can't load the game at all.

Please also disable the FarmTown Flash Enabler extension in your browser if you added and enabled it. You no longer need that for Farm Town and some have reported disabling it has helped them.

Older browsers don't all support HTML5

To test if your browser supports the WebGL technology, please click on this link:
If you see a rotating cube your browser supports WebGL.
All major browsers support WebGL by default, like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge.

Some Mac users are currently having difficulty using Safari and Chrome but are having success with using Opera Browser
If you're mac user with that problem, please do any updates on your Mac, particularly any software update to a newer version of iOS. If you are unable to to that or the problem persists, please try Opera browser.

If you decide to switch to using another browser:
Please see the following post about how to allow cookies and pop ups in the browser:
Flash Player and Cookies/Popup Set up


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