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Default Chapter 31 - Neighbourhood Chain Contest

Neighbourhood Chain Contest

To participate in this contest you need to be level 150 or above.
You can enter the Contest between Thursday 12AM EST to Sunday 11:59PM EST

This contest is all about how much xp you and your neighbours can earn by loading/starting products in the facilities in the contest through the week. You compete with 9 other neighbourhoods. The more xp you earn the more points you earn. Everyone will win something by participating. The higher your Rank, in the contest, the better your rewards.The rewards are listed at the bottom of this post.

To start
  • Make sure in your game Preferences you have a check mark added for "Enable NCC". If you do not wish to participate in this feature remove the check mark.
  • Click on your yellow toolbox and then click on the bright blue dice located in the far left column at the top.

A new window will open called "Neighbourhood Chain Contest" and the tab selected ( highlighted in orange) will be “Contest Info”

Contest Info
This tab gives you a brief description of the contest and at the bottom shows you the facilities chosen for that week. Hover your mouse over each of the facilities to see what they are called, if it's a regular or a service facility and if it's a FarmCash or a Coin facility. . There will be 2 facilities (service and/or regular) that cost Farm Cash to buy and 2 facilities (service and/or regular) that cost coins to buy.

Below each facility is “Work”. Click on it to open the next window “Facilities in Contest”, which will show you a picture of your farms names and “Work” will be placed on the farm where your first facility is located that is entered in the contest. Click on “Work” again to open the facility and start/load products. Repeat the process for each of the facilities that you own.
For privacy reasons, actual profile pictures have been removed from the following pictures.

You can also work your participating facilities anyway you like, using the Facility Manager, working them individually from a farm or using the “Work” buttons inside the Neighbourhood Chains Contest screen.

If you have multiple coin facilties, that are not in the contest, you may also see, top left, a blue button called "Missing Facilities?". If you click on that it will tell you how many of that facility you own that are not yet part of the contest. If you click the green check mark, it will tell you why. You can then click on each of the "Rules" to get more information.

At the top right of that window is “Add more facilities”. This tells you the rules for adding more facilities to the contest. The rules are as follows >>

If you have none of the FC facilities for the contest then you can only use 2 coin facilities.
If you have 1 of each of the FC facilities, then you can still only use 2 coin facilities.
If you have more than 1 of the FC facilities, you can use those plus an equal number of coin facilities. For example, if you have 3 of the 2 FC facilities then you can use 3 of the coin facilities. You can only use as many coin facilities as you have FC facilities.

The game will automatically add the facilities to the game, you can see them by clicking on the “Work” button ion the “Contest Info” tab.

At the very bottom right of the box it tells you how many days left for the contest to run.
IMPORTANT: Once the facilites are entered into the contest you must NOT move them to storage or to another farm. If you do, you will see a generic warning message that you get when you store ANY facility. It will tell you the name of the facility you are about to store and that if you have any production in the facility, you will lose it. If you proceed, the facility will be removed from the farm, but you will be terminated from the contest. In order to remain in the contest, the facilities that are part of a Neighbourhood Chain must remain on the farm during the whole week of the contest. An example of the warning message is shown below.

My Neighbourhood Chains
Your Neighbourhood consists of your and all your neighbours facilities that are participating in the contest. Once you start the contest, the current neighbour list is the one that you will have until the end of the contest, meaning, if you delete or add new neighbours, that will not affect the neighbours you currently have contributing to your Neighbourhood Chains until the next contest starts.

This tab will show you all yours and your neighbours points for their facilities entered into the contest. Your statistics will show at the top and the rest are ordered by Name. Use the scroll bar to the right of the box to scroll through them all. You can change the view by clicking on the A-Z top right of the box to view by "Score", "Facility count" "Name".

There is a message envelope below each of your neighbours pictures, you can click on it to send your neighbour an in game message.

You will also have a chance to thank your top 10 most performing neighbours. To do that click the 'Thanks' button next to each neighbour.

When one of your neighbours buy a FarmCash facility participating in the contest, or a Farm Cash facility and the corresponding extra Coin facility allowed, you will see a red counter next to that neighbour and you will also have a chance to thank the neighbour for that contribution to your Neighbourhood Chain. The example in the picture below shows (+2). The Thanks you send will also carry a random ingredient that can be used in some of the facilities in the current contest for the receiving neighbour.

At the very top where the pictures of the facilities are, it will tell you how many facilities are in a Chain (a chain being one type of facility, comprising of all the facilities you and your neighbours have in the contest) and how many points have been earned for that chain.

There is a top left, which when clicked on will give you a brief description of this section.

At the very bottom left of the box, in green text, it will show you your neighbourhood score for the contest.

Competing Neighbourhoods

This tab will show you your neighbourhood and the neighbourhoods you are competing against. This will be assigned on either of two days. For users starting the contest Thursday or Friday the competing Neighbourhoods will be selected soon after Saturday 12AM EST. For users starting the contest Saturday or Sunday the competing Neighbourhoods will be selected soon after Monday 12AM EST.

It also lists how many facs total, points total, and how many facs and points each chain has earned so far and your Rank. Your Rank is the number in red eg #4. You can change the view by clicking on the A-Z top right of the box to view by "Score", "Facility count" "Name".

NOTE: The fact that you may have less advanced neighbours in lower levels or with less facilities doesn't diminish your neighbourhood chances to do well in the contest because we group the competing neighbourhoods based on their strength.

In other words, less advanced neighbourhoods will be competing with other less advanced neighbourhoods. More advanced neighbourhoods will be competing with other more advanced neighbourhoods.

To claim your Reward : When the contest is over you click on the bright blue dice. The "Contest Info" window will display the four facilities that were in the contest, what Rank your neighbourhood finished in and your rewards. Here is an example of a reward >>

You click the blue "Claim Rewards" button to claim your prize, your farm cash if you earned any will be added and your products sent to storage. Then the window will display the next four facilities for the new contest.

If you are Ranked in the top three places, you will also have an opportunity to thank the 10 most contributing neighbours to your chain. You will be reminded to do this when you click the "Claim Rewards" button, you then click on the second tab "My Neighbourhood Chains" . You will see the blue "Thanks" button next to each picture, click on each of them to send the thanks. Then you can go back to the first tab "Contest Info" click the "Claim Rewards" and claim your rewards. The thanks you receive for helping a neighbour rank in the top 3 at the end of the contest will also give you rewards and we will also adjust the quantity of your rewards based on the final rank of that neighbour and also how much more you helped that neighbour compared to others.

Thanks received backgound colours:
Each user row is highlighted with a different color based on your relationship with that user.
  • Blue shows they are a neighbour
  • Green shows they are a buddy
  • White is a friend
  • Pink is a stranger (none of the above). If it is pink, you will see a 'Visit' button you can click and visit that users farm to see who it is. This means that this user has you as their neighbour but you don't have them as your neighbour. Once you are at their farm, you may decide, if you wish, to remove yourself from their neighbour list using the tool box next to the message icon bottom left of the game screen.

The blue "Rewards Rules" button will tell you the rewards, they are as follows >>

Rank #1: 2 FarmCash and 3 times the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #2: 1 FarmCash and 2 times the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #3: 100% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #4: 70% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #5: 60% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #6: 50% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #7: 45% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #8: 40% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #9: 35% of the output of a selected Train Car
Rank #10: 30% of the output of a selected Train Car

When a contest ends and your Neighborhood ranked in the first 3 positions you will have a chance to post your final rank to Facebook.

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