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Rob T
Jan 07 2011, 08:57 PM
Please use this thread to suggest new ideas or improvements for existing items for the farm.

For example the rivers and waterways never used to be able to be fished.

Please remember NOT to comment, reply or quote any suggestion you see in these threads. This is to allow any member to feel comfortable about posting their idea regardless of whether or not it would be popular with other members or farmers!

All comments about other member suggestions, replies to them or quoting them will be removed by the moderators.

Periodically the developers will ask the moderators to clear all the suggestions out.
This means that the developers have reviewed them and made notes about them.
Currently suggestions made prior to March 20, 2024 have been removed.

Mar 30 2024, 05:01 AM
I love all the new filters and they are super useful. With the new reward of allowing a neighbor to work your non-workable facilities once a week it would be nice to be able to disable all/enable all within the Facilities screen instead of scrolling through and checking/unchecking them all. This will allow us to start them all to 100% before someone works them since our requests stay on the wall for so long.

Apr 02 2024, 08:33 PM
Please consider adding different types of wine in winery. There's chokecherry. dandelion, etc. Also, different types of ice cream in ice cream shop such as Neapolitan, maple nut, chocolate malt, rocky road, etc. Thank you for all the updates/improvements.

Lee Ann
Apr 09 2024, 02:25 PM
Can we please increase the clam container, several of us beg daily for these to try and keep up, they produce much slower than the other items in the facilities

Apr 13 2024, 12:34 PM
I would like an option in the super neighbor set up to allow or disallow a neighbor to irrigate.

Apr 18 2024, 07:14 AM
I do believe it is time we increase the units on Black Ink & Pigment. Most facilities use this colour. Also Red ink. I cannot believe I own 13 I&P factories and run out of this product all the time. even stocking up for a couple of weeks I still run out. Bad enough relying on friends to gift me Walnuts, covering my farms to keep them going.

Apr 25 2024, 04:53 PM
Ponds: Could you please trim the footprint around the assorted river parts. Some aren't too bad but the corner is the worst. I have a river running through some of my farms and through the fields and trees I have planted there. I like to have my fields up as close as they will fit, and then fill any gap with small grass. Some of the footprints are so big as to still leave a background gap around the water - square, for instance, rather than rounded. Thanks so much for all you do. I love this game.

May 01 2024, 02:00 PM
This is just an appearance thing, but I think it would look better. I remember back when there was only one farm and then the navigation pane first showed up as a diamond. If the navigation pane is going to continue to grow, wouldn't it look better if there were five across instead of four? Everyone counts by fives anyway, and there is room for that kind of change. Of course, if you did that, I'd be forced to redecorate all my farms. hahaha

Early Girl
May 02 2024, 06:58 AM
Please add "ship management" within the option for management. We have waited forever, and it's obvious that it was the ultimate goal. Thank you

May 02 2024, 01:55 PM
suggestion to add
- the reed diffuser and incense sticks to the beauty salon.
- the lace dress to the mini mall
- the cocktails in a new facility cocktail bar

May 10 2024, 07:12 PM
Create a link between Facility Manager and storage. Then Link items in storage to their corresponding facility. Give us the ability to turn of production form storage. If you need me to word this differently, please let me know. Thanks for your consideration

May 11 2024, 10:28 AM
I know this has been mentioned before, but it's worth repeating. Please consider a twenty-four-hour irrigation system. This would be one less thing to worry about. Thank you.

May 16 2024, 08:16 AM
Please produce more Baking Soda in Open-Pit Mines.

May 16 2024, 08:45 AM
Please increase the number of facilities per farm. It would benefit the high end players and I am sure there are many of them who are in the same boat as me. I am losing a lot of product.

Farm Of Luxury
May 21 2024, 06:21 PM
My idea is:

When working facilities of neighbors, when the window pops up it is bright white, make it so we can adjust the brightness. For example, when playing at night and I work facilities, and click the work button the next window/facility pops up, after a while the brightness gets to the eyes.

Thanks for reviewing.

Tom C
May 25 2024, 12:58 PM
why does every time we go to dispatch a ship, we get a different list of ports, why can we not set it to go to the same set of ports every time, why do we have to choose it. because once again i messed up and hit dispatch before hitting reuse old list.

May 31 2024, 08:41 AM
It would be helpful if there were an increase the number of facilities on farms.

Denise Dianna
Jun 02 2024, 12:50 PM
Turbo versions of the Super Facility of the week should be included

Jun 03 2024, 04:13 PM
How about allowing seaweed to be harvested...for vegetarian and seafood restaurants also Japanese restaurant soup. Capsules in healthfood store

Add eel to big seacoast and marlin, squid, abalone, conc,

Turtles for pet store and other tropical fish.

Jun 12 2024, 11:40 PM
Suggestion to add premium rabbit food to the new facility.

Jun 13 2024, 09:05 AM
In farmville long ago they had an insta grow function that grew your crop instantly. Could farm town implement such a feature? This could be a farm cash Item

Jun 13 2024, 05:55 PM
I would LOVE to see a few more southern American dishes besides the few at "Grandma's Country Kitchen" Suggestions would be -

Have to have Fried chicken! Chicken and Rice, Smother Fried pork chops or chicken (use the gravy ordered from the Semi Truck.)

Some kind of peas (Field peas, Purple Hull peas etc)

Mashed potatoes using what we already have - potatoes, cream, butter, salt & pepper

Sides of fresh raw veggies - sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, onion, carrot sticks, celery

Salads -
Carrot salad (mayo, sugar, raisins & shredded carrot)
Potato Salad - potatoes, mayo, mustard, onion, celery, pickles, boiled eggs.
Garden tossed salad - lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, dressings from our Sauce & Condiment factory
Chicken or Tuna Salad - Chicken or Tuna, mayo, celery, pickles, onion served on lettuce.

Smokehouse - Smoked Sausage links to make a Sausage Dog, bell peppers and onions, mustard & hot dog buns. Served at Fair Food Building or Sports Arena

Bakery or Grandma's Country Kitchen -

11 layer cakes - quite popular in the south! 11 THIN layers of cake with either chocolate or caramel glaze.
Berry pies - blackberry, blueberry, strawberry
Apple Dumplings
Peach cobbler

Jun 13 2024, 07:40 PM
There is a lot of space taken up on the request walls. I propose another wall for brags or accomplishments. These are not requests. It could include - claiming FC, expansions to farms. leveling up, and purchases of FC facilities. Also could include placement in NCC. Just a thought to free up space for requests like bonuses, gifts and ingredients. :)

Jun 15 2024, 12:01 AM
the Premium fodder facilities are good but being a farm cash item they have failed to include a benefit for the hardest to get animal products being rabbit fleece ostrich feathers and peacock feathers etc

this should be looked at

Jun 15 2024, 08:31 AM
I would like a way to lock the itinerary for ships. It seems I no sooner get a list of ports that actually works the ships when I forget to use the "Reuse Last Itinerary" button and have to set it all up again.

Jun 20 2024, 12:02 AM
White Rabbit Fleece

Please add white rabbit fleece to the new Feed supplement Plant and the Premium Fodder Factory.

Jun 25 2024, 04:59 PM
When working as a Super Neighbor if you previously planted Wheat for example when you came to the next farm it pops up the Harvest plow tool instead of the Harvest-Plant-Sow tool. Please adjust the automatic tool to Harvest-Plant-Sow. Also, when going to a farm if things are done such as fishing it would be nice for those to come up instead of going into the tool box. Doesn't always happen but when working as SN it would be awesome for those to come up automatically. This also could be a preference for those that want to plant their own crops.

Jun 25 2024, 07:14 PM
When someone is hired as an employee for harvesting, that person can replant the same crop as the farm owner can.

Susan Canning
Jun 26 2024, 05:59 AM
I have had a few ducks in my shed for years. Could the duck down be used for something? Maybe pillows made in household linen fac, or at least make the harvestable for coins

Susan Canning
Jun 28 2024, 06:15 AM
A lot of facilities now use bread and although I have bought 2 new bakeries I can not keep up. I don't want to buy more bakeries as they use a lot of yeast.

Could bread production be increased please, in line with demand.

Jun 30 2024, 11:37 AM
Need to have rabbit feed as part of the premium feed.

Laura CJ
Jul 01 2024, 04:46 AM
I never have enough soy sauce so if you could increase production, it would be greatly appreciated. The facility is farm cash or I would buy several to get more product.

Love the game - been playing over 14 years!

Jul 07 2024, 04:19 PM
Would love to have more baits instead of getting like 500 every six hours and have to wait days to get enough to harvest all of our ponds and coasts, could it be like 5500 every three hours as that would be good.

Thank you.

Jul 07 2024, 06:39 PM
Please, can you make some way for us to search all farms for specific items?
When a quest says to harvest/chop x-many of a certain flower/tree it takes forever to search on every single farm to try to find that specific flower/tree, especially if you have to search your own farms as well as your SN's farms to find enough of that item.
(NOTE: I had originally posted this in the Farm Pass section but I think it belongs here instead.)

Jul 08 2024, 08:17 AM
please back up the watering 4 hrs like you do other things ..thanks

Jul 09 2024, 02:29 AM
To whom It May Concern;

If you are going to expand the existing farms, please expand the capacity for each farm to let s put the same amount of crops, flowers or trees on them.
It seems that after every expansion, we have put to much on the farm by just adding the crops to fill the larger farm.
Not much point in expanding in the first place.

i would much prefer you to add more farms as you were doing earlier.
There for a while all you did was expand.

Keep up the good work as the new improvements are really a time saver and makes the FT experience more enjoyable.

Jul 12 2024, 03:36 PM
On Facebook, the font used in the names of the fields had the ability to add symbols, in particular music notes. All of my farms had musical notes to indicate that they were songs. Anyway we could bring back the ability to use symbols?

Jul 12 2024, 10:04 PM
It would be nice if you would sell tools and facilities for coins, I know there are a lot of us like me that can't afford to buy farm cash to buy all those things that we need. I love Farm Town I have just came back after a long break. And still can't afford to pay for the items. Just a suggestion, I will still play but just won't get everything.
A long time fan of FarmTown!