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Oct 30 2013, 07:03 AM
Please use this thread to suggest new machinery for the farm.
These can be things that would function and would be found under the Tools tab on the game, or items just for decoration, such as an ATV that would be just fun to have on the farm.

Please remember NOT to comment, reply or quote any suggestion you see in these threads. This is to allow any member to feel comfortable about posting their idea regardless of whether or not it would be popular with other members or farmers!

All comments about other member suggestions, replies to them or quoting them will be removed by the moderators.

Periodically the developers will ask the moderators to clear all the suggestions out.
This means that the developers have reviewed them and made notes about them.
Currently suggestions made prior to Mar 20, 2024 have been removed.

Apr 10 2024, 11:13 AM
please give us a load all tool for trains to buy like we have for ships.get a lot of trains be easier on me with messed up fingers to hav a load all for trains like we do for ships

Dave mckee
May 03 2024, 06:54 PM
A suggested new tool: Robotic Central Control Module (RCCM)

The RCCM uses AI to monitor all operations on all farms. At the farmers command, the RCCM has the maximum tools purchased perform their functions. That would be tree harvesting/chopping, crop harvesting & replanting using the new tool, facilities processed, fish and flower harvesting. All done in one process. This would be of great value to time limited farmers who are working 46+ 60X60 farms, like myself...

Of course such a tool would come at a eye-popping FC cost. Say, 1.200 FC?

May 04 2024, 12:27 PM
I would love to see a platform tool we can buy that will allow us to place a new tool or facility without having to delete fields then plow again and again.
I picture it as a small side platform where we place the new tool or facility, then move them into place where we want them using the Hand tool we already have purchased.
Thanks for the fun game!

Snookie Sue
May 08 2024, 07:18 PM
I am in love with the new replanting existing crops tool because of all the time it saves me. I had no problem with the cost. In the future I would love to purchase a, "shake all trees on current farm," and then a, "harvest all fish on current farm," tool. They would also free up a lot of time for us. Thanks.

May 18 2024, 11:35 AM
It would be very useful if you could produce a combine (harvest/sow) that covered a smaller area such as 3x3 for use in small plots like quest farms.
Thank you for considering this.

Dr. Dirt
Jun 07 2024, 03:13 PM
A tool to place multiple water items at a time.

Jun 08 2024, 06:00 PM
FT recently gave us 100 extra animals. What would be nice is if we had something where we could load all farms at once instead of having to go from farm to farm to put the animals in. I have the barns, chicken coop, etc. on all farms so it is a lot of work.

Jun 11 2024, 10:11 AM
Add Big Lakes and Small Sea Coasts to the Transplanter EX

A EX Tool to place multiple water items at once

Both of these would be Very Welcomed

canadian nancy
Jun 28 2024, 09:41 PM
I have a suggestion, for a tool or adding capability to a tool. It would be great if we could add waterways in multiples like the multi planter does trees and flowers. Could possibly add the capability to either the multi planter or the purple hand????