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Oct 30 2013, 07:03 AM
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Zeeky Banutski
Apr 16 2024, 07:52 PM
I’m voicing my grievance on Farm Town’s “item/product” storage system & the shortfalls therein. Let me start by saying that I’m a long–term player/enthusiast of Farm Town for 15+ years, with a game “level” of 1450, over 1.6 billion experience points & 47 farms.

I firmly believe that a farmer’s ability to store items/products should NOT be based on the number of neighbors they have – I seem to recall that when initially devised by the developers, the maximum number of neighbors we were allowed to have was eighty (80) & with that number comes a specific limit of items/products that we’re able to store – in my case slightly over 12,000. I’m not 100% certain if the total number of neighbors has increased or not, but if so, it’s still a ton of effort & time spent waiting on others to respond to a neighbor request just to increase my storage by a miniscule amount.

I’m quite certain that like me, many farmers revise/update/rearrange/redesign their farms periodically to accommodate the various changes in the game – that’s the driving factor behind this post.

What is irritating & annoying about the storage limitation is how it cripples me when trying to revise/update/rearrange/redesign any of my farms. Here’s why: 1) not only have I invested 15+ years into Farm Town, but I have also invested hundreds (if not thousands) of my own hard–earned money ($$) into this game so that I could purchase all the game’s “doo–dads” (including 47 farms sized at max capacity, as well as every single facility/tool, etc.,); 2) between trains, cargo ships, gifts, working my neighbors’ facilities & referring my neighbors’ clients (all of which I do daily), I’m literally storing hundreds of millions of “items/products” into some (?cloud?) storage somewhere, yet all–the–while, severe restrictions exist when trying to put a few more “items/products” into my storage whenever I need to revise/update/rearrange/redesign a given farm – that totally sucks & makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

IMHO, the ability to add items to storage should be based on any number of factors, including (but not limited to):

a) Our Farm Town tenure (i.e., years we’ve been playing the game (15+ years & counting))
b) Our Farm Town game “level” (1450 & counting)
c) Our Farm Town experience points (1.6+ billion & counting)
d) The actual number of farms owned (47 & counting)
e) The actual size of those farms (all farms set to the maximum allowable size)
f) Actual cash ($$) we’ve spent purchasing Farm Town “dollars” to purchase all the “doo–dads” (surely this data is available somewhere/somehow)
g) There are probably a multitude of other compelling reasons to consider a significant upgrade to the storage limits…but tying it to the number of neighbors we have is (IMHO) insufficient & inadequate & serves as more of an obstacle than anything else.

It’s common knowledge that if you relocate certain things – trees, flowers, facilities, etc., – from one farm to another, any/all “growth” that it had will be completely erased…zeroed out…we lose everything related to that item & it must then be started over from scratch. I’m not happy that it works like that, but whatever…so, we have the (losing) choice of relocating items OR – the Farm Town developers could find a way to significantly increase our storage capacity – double it, triple it or more. I’m certain that my fellow “farmers” would agree that we need & deserve a significant increase in our storage capacity – c’mon developers, let’s make this happen!

Apr 24 2024, 12:53 AM
Trading Warehouse suggestion:

Please allow us to set a DEFAULT price for warehouse items.

Example: Default as "FREE" all Neighbor and Non-Neighbor Super Facility items. Default as "50% above market" for all Regular Facility items.

Thank you so much for considering this. It would make using the TW so much easier and convenient.

May 22 2024, 06:44 AM
Is it possible that we can have a kind of tick box, as to not use certain products that when harvested, have to go directly into storage like trees, flowers, fish & Animal products, that by default are used up right away when loading facilities. Normal products, produced in faclilities can stay stored in each work facility until you releiase them into main storage.Thus holding back till stocks are up to work, other faclities.
For instance, if you are low on say Cod fish, you cannot stock up and hold them back. other than trying to find all the individual services that use said product. and untick that product. Please can we have one tick box per each product to stop them being used on temporary basis.

Jun 27 2024, 12:16 PM
Not sure this is the correct thread, but an option for wholesale redecorating storage, meaning I could clear all farms, everything into interim storage would be nice.

Jul 11 2024, 05:45 AM
Could 2 million be added to the amount when selling items in the market please at present it goes up in increments to 1 million but a lot of us would like the higher option, thanks.