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Rob T
Mar 25 2013, 08:27 PM
Please use this thread to suggest new buildings for the farm.

For example these could be ideas for new facilities that make or stock products, changes to the Super Facility feature of the game or new decorative buildings.

Please remember NOT to comment, reply or quote any suggestion you see in these threads. This is to allow any member to feel comfortable about posting their idea regardless of whether or not it would be popular with other members or farmers!

All comments about other member suggestions, replies to them or quoting them will be removed by the moderators.

Periodically the developers will ask the moderators to clear all the suggestions out.
This means that the developers have reviewed them and made notes about them.
Currently suggestions made prior to Mar 20, 2024 have been removed.

Apr 24 2024, 02:49 AM
Increase Potpouri output or create a Turbo Air Fresheners Factory. Thanks for your consideration.

Apr 25 2024, 05:36 AM
Hi, can we please have a service facility to upload the gluten free snacks?
Thanks in advance.

May 10 2024, 02:13 PM
Can we get a methane generator that takes our excess pig poo? Maybe produce a bio-petroleum barrel that we can use in place of an oil pump! I've got both normal and turbo oil pumps on all my farms and still can't make enough petroleum for plastic pellets. I have plenty of pig poo though!

May 23 2024, 01:59 PM
please, can we have a service facility to upload all the cones from the shaved ice cart?

May 25 2024, 09:12 PM
Turn the Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Cart into facilities.

May 31 2024, 03:59 AM
Have the ice cream cart and ice cream truck as facilities.

May 31 2024, 07:14 AM
It would be nice to have Load All/Start All buttons to facility search bar, to eliminate having to start a particular facility one at a time. Would be time-saving.

May 31 2024, 07:16 AM
It would be nice if there were a new group in facility manager, that would would allow for a group of user defined facilities. This would be a time saver.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jun 13 2024, 05:55 PM
New Facility to make different types of relish/vinegars/pickles -
Pickle Relish (Sweet & Dill), Cucumbers and vinegar (Apple cider vinegar, sugar or dill)
Chow Chow - chopped green tomatoes, cabbage, onion, peppers and vinegar
Hot pepper vinegar
Pickled eggs
Pickled Okra
Pickled Peaches

New Service facilities - Antique Store, (Regular facility - A Panel Truck for "Picking" the antiques) RV Dealer (Regular facility - RV Mfg), Farm Tractor and Implement Dealer (regular facility - Mfg)

Farm Packaging - making and selling things like Berry Baskets, Onion Bags, Waxed & Unwaxed Produce boxes (Think cabbage, peaches, carrots, pineapples, lettuce etc)
Send/Sell to Farmer's Market

Jun 16 2024, 04:49 PM
Personal Boat Storage Facility - Boat launch and other watercraft

Jun 22 2024, 05:40 PM
A Airplane to send out for products would be nice.

Jun 25 2024, 07:22 PM
Turn the refrigerated flower truck farm pass decoration into a facility that delivers refrigerated flowers.

Jun 26 2024, 09:03 PM
Airplanes that actually appear airborne and carry cargo

SirMatthew KC
Jun 28 2024, 02:14 AM
Turbo Spice Fac, PLEASE!!! I know I would buy several, and I'd have to buy FC to do it. I know others would do the same.

Jul 09 2024, 02:37 AM
We need to have more Raisins produced.
So my suggestion is to have a Turbo Drying Facility.
Only the Raisins are in short supply but I either need you to up the production of Raisins in that facility or create a Turbo Drying Facility.