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Old Jan 31 2024, 02:00 PM
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Default bee farm

I wish the bee farm was workable by our friends. I have 6 bee farms and 3 turbo bee farms and I still don't make enough honey jars. Very frustrating.
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Old Feb 02 2024, 09:20 PM
CeejayF CeejayF is offline
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Default More yeast please

Jeepers, if there's something we need a lot more of it's YEAST. Please, please, please increase the output. I have a regular semi on each farm as well as multiple turbo ones and still unable to make ends meet.
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Old Feb 07 2024, 02:49 PM
bbarksda bbarksda is offline
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Add start all/load all buttons on the search function in facility manager.
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Old Feb 08 2024, 04:51 AM
Nazza Nazza is offline
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Hi Can we please make the new levels very hard to get. A lot of us players who have been here since 2009 really want a challenge. For example I am currently on 37,***,***,*** points. it would be great if the new levels were out of my near reach so I have something to aim for. PLEASE. and Thank you.
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Old Feb 10 2024, 09:26 PM
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It would be nice, in the marketplace once a hire is sent and you wait for it to be accepted and it hasn't been. The persons name turns yellow, the hire request should be canceled. I don't know how often, I've waited for it to turn yellow and 5 minutes later after I've hired someone else, the first on I asked will accept the job.
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Old Feb 17 2024, 10:46 PM
NJones277 NJones277 is offline
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Suggestion - a new request page that has all the gift requests, quest bonuses collected, and "send a gift" when someone gets a new facility. There are people who post over 25 gift requests at once, and we really don't need to know about someone collecting 2 FC or buying a new facility. Surely there is a way to limit the number of "send..." to five every 12 hours, like you do the bonuses.

As for bonuses - I have a feeling that when the devs get around to saying the next however many facilities will be available for bonuses, we'll go into bonus chaos like last time.

I think it would be great if, with every new release, the new facilities on the prior release are set up to give bonuses. Just part of the release.

Thanks for all your hard work and consideration.

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Old Feb 18 2024, 03:19 AM
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Like a lot of other farmers, I am getting tired of the requests page being filled by request for gifts. Today just one farmer asked 28 times for the same gift! There were also other gift requests. When so many gift are asked for it limits the amount of ingredient/bonus items showing.
Please, please can we not have another page for everything such as: gift requests, new facility purchased, farm expansions etc?
Have loved playing the fame since 2009, thank you.
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Old Feb 21 2024, 01:49 AM
Palmarina Palmarina is offline
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for the trading warehouse: for the farmers with an empty warehouse (didn't fill up AND didn't ask for ingredients) please make them disappear when we browse through our neighbours using the warehouse. I have several neighbours who didn't use the warehouse for days, but they are still there. Just to avoid too much clicking. Please?
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Old Feb 25 2024, 12:05 PM
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As well as increasing the Grouper, Salmon, Tuna, and some other fish in the farm cash ponds.

Visit 's Farm

DB:W20, MPS:C20

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