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Old Oct 10 2023, 06:06 PM
closerfan closerfan is offline
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Is it possible to have a tool that harvest and chop trees at the same time? It has been done for sowing, planting and harvesting crops, why not trees?
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Old Nov 05 2023, 07:06 PM
JohnAlbertini JohnAlbertini is offline
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Please offer us the next size H/P/S/combines non-extended tools and give them the same forms as the big log trucks, boats, tree shakers, flower harvesters which are a solid square tied to the top of the farm diamond.
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Old Nov 18 2023, 01:09 PM
RomanticSoul RomanticSoul is offline
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deleting items on farm. Would be nice if the tools let you separate All items. Trees, Flowers, Crops, Sepecific trees. Not just the option to clear plants and fields.

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