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Old Jun 14 2023, 08:46 AM
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Default Chapter 07 - Blocking In Farm Town

Blocking In Farm Town

Reporting users for no valid reason can get the reporting user a ban.

Please make sure that you are understanding the differences when you want to block a farmer, whether to use Ignore or to use Report!!!!

  • Ignore and Block - irritating behaviour, temporarily blocking a farmer, perhaps workers that often don't finish jobs that you hire them for and may be cherry picking what they want and leaving the rest not done.

  • Report Abuse and Block! - sending abusive messages or in game chat perhaps of a sexual nature, other bad language or bad behaviour that does not come under irritating or annoying or argumentative.
  • Do NOT use report for complaining about someone not completing work on farms!!

  • How to Unblock a Farmer.

  • Banning - how to know if you or another farmer has been banned in Farm Town.

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