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Post Trouble Shooting

There are many problems that can be solved with a quick bit of trouble shooting. By doing one or two quick things you can find your buildings, plant four fields at a time and cure many ails.

HELP ! I can't access Farm Town any more!
Farm Town is no longer on Facebook. To play Farm Town you need to have registered to play on the website. For details on what you can do if you did not get registered OR if you are registered but can't log in and more details about the website please click on this link:

I just bought and placed an items and as soon as I set it down it disappeared.
Nine times out of ten this is due to the fact that you do not have your preferences set to show everything. Click on the wrench top right of your game screen and make sure you have a check mark added to the category you item fits into, eg, building, decorations, facilities, tools, seasonal and make sure set to show. You may need to refresh your farm and or browser page before your items will appear.

Have a look in the Game Guide Chapter 23 Missing Items on the Farm. There are tips there to help you find something that may not be showing on your farms. https://r1.slashkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=331662

You may also need to clear your browser. CLICK HERE for instructions for clearing the popular browsers. Clearing your browser should always be your first step. An amazing number of problems can be solved by clearing your browser.

If your building or trees or other purchase still does not show up and the coins or Farm Cash were deducted for what you bought please reply about this in the following Help & Support thread link:

Be sure you include a link to your farm so we can check on this for you. Instructions on how to get a link to your farms are in the following link:

My big seeder will only plant one field at a time.
This is caused by not having the "remove spaces between fields" checked. Click on the wrench, place a check in the box that says "remove spaces between fields". You may have to reload FarmTown or your browser to before you start planting.

Along with checking your preferences you also must purchase the seeds by clicking on the seeder. If you click on the store icon instead you will only be able to plant one field at a time. Click on the seeder then click on Buy for the seed you want.
My plower will only plow one new field at a time.
This is the same as the seeder. See above for instructions for setting your preferences.

The game gets stuck on a green/grey/black screen and never opens.
Make sure that your browser is up to date and that any extensions on your browser are disabled as some have been known to prevent the game from loading.

If it's not that it may take a bit of detective work as it can also mean that some part of the game is being blocked by one or more of your security programs on your computer. Check each and every one of your security programs, including your antivirus program, malware program, firewall (including the router firewall if you use a router). Remember you are looking for Slashkey not Farm Town. If you see any thing that includes the word Slashkey in any of the blocked areas mark it as safe.

The game gets stuck past the green screen and will not load.
First always try clearing your browser. CLICK HERE for the link if you need instructions for clearing your browser.

One thing that does seem to hinder farms when they try to load is an abundance of a certain item. If you bought too many animals before storing them, if you have a considerable amount of items on the farm that can also cause a problem with loading. The more that is on your farms, the more has to load.

There are several official posts in the help section of the forum with more in depth information on this problem.

I just deleted something by accident, can I get it back or get my money back.
Refunds are never processed through the forum. You can try using the Support link at the bottom of the game page and request a refund from the support staff. It is not a given that you will receive a refund due to the fact you are given a warning pop up when you delete items.

I cannot click on an animal to move it.
The animals on Farm Town have been stubborn creatures from day one of the game particularly if they are placed on or too near to other items.

Try zooming in very close, then see if you can get them to highlight.

Try using the Yellow hand in your tool box to move them.

Try hiding everything in your game preferences, then reload the game and see if you can highlight the animal to move it.

Try unchecking the "freeze animals" box if you have had it checked. Let them wander a bit and try again. At other times you will just have to wait them out and try a different day to move them.

If the animal is on top of something like crops, you may need to wait for that crop to be harvested so that you can get to it easier, the height of the growing crop may be preventing the animal from being highlighted.

Please note this thread is closed. If you have additional concerns please post them in the appropriate Help & Support Official thread.

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